2 gold wedding rings in grey box on top of cream wedding invitations with text overlay.

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When planning a wedding, one of the decisions couples need to make is whether or not to request gifts from their guests. These tips and 26 suggestions on wording for no gifts at wedding celebrations will help you with your wedding planning. And if you’re attending a no gifts wedding, we’ve got everything you need to know and answer all your questions.

2 gold wedding rings in grey box on top of cream wedding invitations.

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Some couples prefer to forgo receiving gifts and instead request that their guests contribute to a fund, or simply attend and celebrate the occasion without the expectation of gift-giving. If they choose not to receive gifts, it is essential to communicate this to guests in a polite and clear way. If a couple decides that they would prefer not to receive gifts, then they may consider adding “no gifts” wording to their wedding invitation or website.

Reasons Why Couples May Choose to Request No Gifts

One of the most common reasons is that guests may need to incur travel and accommodation expenses to attend the wedding, which can be costly. Couples can explain that their guests’ presence is gift enough and that they prefer not to receive any additional items.

Some couples may feel that they do not need or want additional material possessions and would prefer to enjoy the presence of their loved ones without the pressure of gift-giving.

Whatever the reason may be, it is entirely acceptable to choose not to receive gifts at the wedding. A wedding should be about the values and priorities of the wedding couple.

Alternative Ways that Guests Can Celebrate the Wedding Couple

  1. Write a heartfelt letter or create a scrapbook filled with memories and well wishes for the couple.
  2. Offer to assist with wedding-related tasks, such as setting up decorations or helping with transportation.
  3. Take photos of the wedding and share them with the couple as a thoughtful keepsake.
  4. Offer to cook a special meal or host a dinner party for the newlyweds in the months following the wedding.
  5. Offer to contribute to the honeymoon fund.
  6. Help the couple preserve their wedding memories by creating a photo album or scrapbook of the wedding event.
  7. Offer to house-sit or pet-sit for the couple while they are away on their honeymoon.
  8. Give the gift of time by volunteering to help with a cause that is important to the couple.
  9. Share a special talent or skill, such as:
    1.  Offering professional photography skills
    2. Offering professional videography skills
    3. Offer professional baking skills
    4. Offer professional DJing or music for the wedding
    5. Create a painting or work of art

Gift Ideas for Charitable Donation Wedding Presents

  1. Make a donation of time or money to Habitat for Humanity and gift a new home to a family.
  2. Make a donation to a local animal shelter or rescue organization in honor of the newlyweds.
  3. Donate to a charity that supports a cause that is important to the couple, such as education or environmental conservation.
  4. Make a donation to a national park or nature reserve in honor of the couple’s love for the outdoors.
  5. Give the gift of a subscription to a monthly charity service, such as a meal delivery program for people in need.
  6. Donate an entire holiday or birthday meal to your a food bank to share the gift of celebrating with another family.
  7. Make a donation to a nonprofit that supports artists or musicians, in honor of the couple’s love for the arts.
  8. Make a donation to a disaster relief organization, in honor of the couple’s desire to give back in times of need.
  9. Donate to a nonprofit that provides support and resources to families in crisis, in honor of the couple’s commitment to community service.
  10. Donate to Brides Across America and gift a wedding and/or wedding gown to military couples and first responders.
  11. Donate to Wish Upon a Wedding to gift a wedding and/or vow renewal to couples facing terminal illness or life altering health circumstances.
  12. Donate items needed to set up a new home to a local homeless shelter.

Crafting the “No Gifts Necessary” Message

Many guests are only familiar with the traditional wedding custom of a bridal registry and giving a physical gift.  It is important to note that couples should avoid sounding demanding or unappreciative when making a “no gifts” request. Instead, a friendly and grateful tone can go a long way.  Share that the no gifts requestion is not about being rude or ungrateful.

To request that guests do not bring gifts, some couples prefer to include a note on or insert card in their wedding invitation. It is essential to be specific about what is requested instead of gifts. If the couple would like guests to contribute to a fund for a honeymoon, house, or other special occasion, be sure to mention this in the invitation. For example, they may wish to include wording such as, “In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate a contribution made to our honeymoon fund.” Alternatively, if they would prefer guests to simply attend and celebrate with the couple, include wording such as, “Your presence is enough of a gift. We kindly request no gifts for our wedding.”

Another option is to place a note on the wedding website or share it by word of mouth. This approach can be particularly useful if the couple is concerned about the message getting lost or overshadowed on the invitation. Consider including a section on the wedding website that states the wishes for guests to either contribute to a fund or to bring no gifts. If the couple decides to share this information verbally, it is essential to convey the message clearly and politely.

Some couples who would prefer not to receive gifts, simply do not mention it on their invitation or website. Instead, they can spread the word by telling close friends and family members and relying on word of mouth to be passed along to other guests. This approach may work well for couples who do not want to put pressure on their guests.

However a couple chooses to communicate their desire for no gifts, it is essential to be gracious and polite. Remember, guests often wish to bring something to the wedding as a symbol of their love and support. Be sure to thank guests for their understanding and support, and reassure them that their presence is more important than anything else.

26 Wording Samples for Your “No Gifts” Requests

  1. “In lieu of traditional gifts, we kindly request that you consider contributing to our honeymoon fund.”
  2. “Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. Please, no gifts.”
  3. “Your presence is the only gift we need on our special day, and we kindly request that you do not bring any additional gifts.”
  4. “Your presence is the greatest gift we could ask for. We kindly request no additional gifts.”
  5. “Your presence at our wedding is a gift in itself, and we ask that you do not bring any additional presents.”
  6. “Your presence at our weeding would really make our day special. Please bring just yourself. No gifts are necessary.
  7. “You’re important to us. The gift of your presence celebrating with us is the best give we could receive, so we’re asking for no gifts, please. “
  8. “We kindly request no gifts at our wedding. Your love and support are more than enough.”
  9. “We kindly request no gifts, as your love and support are the greatest gift of all.”
  10. “We have been blessed with everything we need, and kindly request that you do not bring any gifts to our wedding.”
  11. “We’re lucky to have everything we need. In lieu of gifts, we ask that you make a donation to a charity of your choice.”
  12. “In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to a charity close to our hearts.”
  13. “Instead of gifts, please consider making a donation to a charity close to our hearts.”
  14. “We kindly request no gifts, but if you insist, please make a contribution to a cause close to our hearts.”
  15. “We have been fortunate enough to have everything we need. In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice.”
  16. “The only gift we want on our wedding day is to celebrate with our loved ones. Please, no gifts.”
  17. “We’re excited to start our lives together and don’t need any material possessions. Your presence is the most valuable gift.”
  18. “Your presence and well wishes are all we need to make our special day complete. No gifts, please.”
  19. “We kindly request no gifts. Your love and support on our special day is more than enough.”
  20. “We have everything we need to start our life together. Instead of gifts, we’d be honored if you shared a special memory or piece of advice with us.”
  21. “We’ve been blessed with love and happiness. In lieu of gifts, please pay it forward with a random act of kindness.”
  22. “Your support and friendship mean the world to us. Please, no gifts, but instead, join us for a lifetime of love and laughter.”
  23.   “Your love and support are the most important gifts we could receive on our wedding day. We kindly request no additional presents.”
  24. “If you’re able, we’d love to receive the gift of your presence rather than presents.”
  25. “We would prefer your presence rather than your presents! As we are so lucky to have a home together, we have decided not to request wedding gifts.”
  26. “For those of you wanting to get us a gift, that’s very sweet of you, but we kindly request no gifts please.”
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Preparing for Potential Pushback or Confusion from Guests

Be aware that guests often wish to bring something to the wedding to share their love and support, so be gracious and thankful for their understanding and support.

If the couple wishes to provide guests with a gift-giving option, they should be sure to include it in messaging along with your “no gifts” request. 

Couples may wish to say something like, “We understand that some guests may still wish to bring a gift. If you would like to do so, we kindly request that you make a contribution to our chosen charity instead.” This approach allows guests who do wish to bring a gift to contribute to a cause that is important to the couple, while avoiding the exchange of physical gifts.

Even when it’s been clearly stated “no gifts necessary”, guests may still choose to bring a gift to the wedding. It is important to be gracious and appreciative of any gifts that are given. Couples should take the time to thank their guests personally, whether it is through a thank you note or a verbal expression of gratitude.

FAQ about No Gift Weddings

What is a No Gift Wedding?

No Gift Weddings are an increasingly popular wedding trend where the couple explicitly states they do not want or expect any gifts from their guests. The couple may suggest alternative options, such as a donation to a charity or a contribution towards their honeymoon fund.

Can I still bring a gift to a No Gift Wedding?

Although the couple has stated they do not want any gifts at their wedding, some guests may still want to bring a small token of appreciation. It’s best to respect the couple’s wishes and if you do decide to bring a gift, keep it small and something the couple can easily transport home.

How should a No Gift Wedding be communicated to guests?

The best way to communicate a No Gift Wedding is through the wedding invitation. You can include a short message on the invitation or on a separate card explaining that the couple would prefer no gifts. Alternatively, you can include a note on your wedding website or social media pages.

Is it appropriate to ask for money instead of gifts at a No Gift Wedding?

If you would like your guests to contribute towards a particular fund or your honeymoon, you can suggest this as an alternative option. However, it’s important to be tactful in your request and try to avoid using any language that could be perceived as demanding or rude.

Can I give the couple a physical gift if they specifically requested no gifts?

If the couple has explicitly stated they do not want gifts, it’s best to respect their wishes. However, if you feel strongly that you want to give them something, consider making a donation to their chosen charity or contributing towards their honeymoon fund.

There are many reasons why a couple might want to ask for no gifts. Whether it’s to reduce clutter, protect the environment, alleviate financial strain, or honor their personal preferences, the choice is ultimately theirs. By being clear and direct with guests, the wedding couple can create a celebration that reflects their values and brings them joy on their special day.

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