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It can be challenging to find the perfect gift to show your love and support for your service member. With this list of 85+ unique and thoughtful gift ideas for a military boyfriend, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your loved one.

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Gift Ideas for My Military Boyfriend

Finding the perfect gift that honors his service can be fun. We’ve included a large selection of ideas for you.

However, when it comes to choosing gifts for a military boyfriend, it’s important to consider his deployment status.

Deployment can be a stressful time, and your boyfriend may appreciate gifts that help him feel connected to home or make his time away more comfortable. Practical gifts that can be used in the field, such as portable chargers or tactical gear, may be especially appreciated. Sentimental gifts, such as personalized photo albums or letters, can also provide comfort and a reminder of home while he’s away.

There are different challenges for finding the best gifts for a military boyfriend.

  • Some gifts may not be allowed in certain deployment locations due to security or other restrictions.
  • Military personnel have demanding schedules, so gifts that require a lot of time to use or enjoy may not be practical.
  • Military personnel often have limited storage space for personal belongings, so gifts that take up a lot of space may not be practical.
  • Finding gifts that will make it through the mail can take work. Depending on your location and shipping restrictions, certain gifts may be difficult to obtain or ship to your boyfriend’s deployment location.
  • If he is serving in a foreign country, cultural differences may impact the types of gifts that are appropriate or appreciated.
  • Redeploying home with fragile, large or expensive gifts can be difficult. They often do not have secure control of their luggage or belongings.

Consider sending consumable gifts that he won’t have to transport back home again.

Taking the time to consider his deployment location, personal tastes, and practical needs can help you choose a gift that shows your love and support and helps him feel connected to home.

What are some unique gift ideas for my military boyfriend?

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Care Package

Giving a gift basket or sending a care package to your military man is a great way to show him that you’re thinking of him. You can send personal items, You can also include practical items like toiletries and socks, and include items that remind him of home or favorite things like his favorite snacks or drinks. Consider adding thoughtful items like a handwritten letter, photos of the two of you, or a special souvenir from a meaningful place.

Care packages are a great idea because they are consumed and he doesn’t have to worry about securing a valuable gift or transporting it back home if he’s deployed.

You can use this collection of more than 65 fun ideas and tips for making college care packages for guys to brainstorm ideas to create your own gift box.  Include items like movies, video games, or board games, along with comforting snacks and treats. Consider sending some of his favorite childhood snacks or homemade baked goods for an extra touch of love.

You also order a subscription box and send a one-time gift for boxes for several months.

  • My Hero Crate  Military Care Package – A monthly themed combination of snacks, personal care items, and other essentials for your loved one. Ships internationally.
  • Hero T-Shirt Club –  Each month sends a high quality t-shirts featuring an elite American hero.
  • Basic Man – Each box contains a high-quality t-shirt, boxer-briefs & pair of socks.  It’s a life-changing gift of high quality underwear that your man will love day after day.
  • America’s Crate – A monthly gift box filled only with hand-curated items that are Made in the USA. Enjoy American craftsmanship and discover American businesses and what they have to offer.
  • Road Rash Crate Co. – Each crate contains an exclusive t-shirt from different Harley-Davidson dealerships.
  • Deadbolt Mystery Society – A gift box perfect for lovers of mystery and suspense and for those who love puzzle solving. Each box contains a new stand-alone case file with everything needed to close the case & SOLVE THE MYSTERY! 
  • Stick in a Box –  Each box contains a unique selection of gourmet jerky and beef sticks that can’t be found at the local convenience store. It’s the ideal gift for the person who enjoys jerky snacks.
  • Your Morning Grind – Each box arrives within 2-3 days of roasting with 4 different coffees from different regions and roasters, plus a gourmet snack.
  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club– A monthly box filled with the best artisan hot sauces delivered monthly, with your choice of heat level. You choose 1, 2 or 3 bottles for each box.
  • SnackSack – A box filled with 11-15 carefully curated smarter snacks centered around seasonal themes and flavors. Choose from 4 Snacking Plans: Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Workplace.
  • Son of a Barista – Each box provides a taste of luxury espresso and contains a free espresso maker with your order. Espresso pods are Cremoso, 50% South American Arabica , 50% Vietnamese Robusta, and Puro, 100% Ethiopian Sidamo Arabica.

Military-Themed Handcrafted Items

A homemade gift is a special way to show your love and care for your military partner. Consider making a military-themed handcraft, like a mug or tumbler with his branch’s logo, or a keychain or dog tag with his name and rank. It’s a great way to show your support for his service and dedication.

You can make these handmade gifts:

You can also find beautiful handcrafted and other items on Etsy:

Personalized Gifts for a Military Boyfriend

Engraved Flask or Medallion

A personalized engraved flask or medallion is a unique and thoughtful gift for your military boyfriend. You can have it engraved with his name or a special message to show him how much you care. 

Custom Map of Military Base

Detailed map of any military base printed in 4 color choices on matte fine art paper. You can add your personalized message

Personalized Wood Wall Plaque

Custom handmade wood plaque. You can personalized text and a custom unit logo, Army logo or other service logo.

Personalized Deployment Map

A personalized deployment map is a great way to show your military loved one where he’s been and where he’s going. You can include pictures of the two of you and special notes of encouragement and love. It’s a great way to keep him motivated and connected to home while he’s away.

Gifts for Military Loved One

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What’s a good Army boyfriend gift?

Marine Corps

Air Force

US Navy?

Space Force?

Coast Guard

FAQs about Military Themed Gifts

What is a perfect gift for my military boyfriend?

A handwritten letter or scrapbook is a deeply sentimental and thoughtful gift for your military boyfriend. You can include pictures, memories, and special notes of love and encouragement. It’s a great way to show him how much you care and appreciate his service to our country.

The perfect way to show him you’re thinking of him is with multiple pairs of quality socks to pamper his feet. These socks are Made in the USA,  are popular with military members and the company donates a pair to Socks for Heroes for every one purchased.

What are some care package ideas for my military boyfriend?

Homemade baked goods and treats are a delicious and comforting addition to a care package for your military boyfriend. You can make his favorite cookies, brownies, or other treats, or send him some of your homemade jam or jelly. It’s a great way to show your love and support, even from a distance.

Sending your boyfriend’s favorite snacks and drinks in a care package is a thoughtful and comforting way to show your love. Consider including his favorite chips, candy, or energy drinks, or even his favorite tea or coffee. It’s a great way to remind him of home and lift his spirits during a difficult deployment.

When you’re sending a care package, don’t forget to include personalized letters and memorable items. You can include pictures of the two of you, special notes of love and encouragement, or even something small that reminds him of a shared memory or experience. It’s a great way to show your love and appreciation for your service member.

What Valentine’s Day gift can I give to my military boyfriend?

A personalized Valentine’s Day gift basket is a romantic and thoughtful way to show your love for your military boyfriend. You can include items like chocolates, romantic movies, or even a special love letter. Consider adding personal touches like pictures of the two of you or a special memento from a romantic date.

Planning a special military-themed date is a great way to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your service member. You can plan a special day trip to a military museum or memorial, or even plan a romantic picnic with military-style food and drinks. It’s a great way to show your love and appreciation for his service.

Engraved military rings or jewelry are meaningful and romantic gifts for your military boyfriend. You can find pieces with his name, rank, and branch, or even with a special message or quote. It’s a great way to show your love and commitment to your service member and his dedication to our country. Remember to always show your support and gratitude for his hard work and dedication to the United States Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy or Space Force.

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Finding the perfect gift for your military boyfriend can be challenging, but with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can give him something that truly shows your love and appreciation for his service.  Remember to consider his interests, personality, and needs when selecting a gift, and don’t forget to include a heartfelt note to express your gratitude for his sacrifice and dedication. Whatever you choose, your gift will surely be treasured by your military boyfriend and serve as a reminder of your love and support.

views of lower legs of person in military uniform hugging barefoot person.
close up of hands of person in uniform holding hands with person in jeans.
legs of person in military uniform hugging person with white tennis shoes and legs in the air.

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