Texas state flag painted on wood with text overlay.

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Are you ready to spice up your Christmas gift-giving game this year? Look no further than the Lone Star State for a flavorful and truly Texan twist on holiday presents. This collection of 95+ Texas Food Gifts for Christmas will help you pick out the perfect gift. So grab your cowboy hat and get ready to embark on a culinary journey through the land of big flavors and even bigger smiles!

brown wrapped present with blue bow and hand lassoing the gift with rope.

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Texas Food Gifts for Christmas

This state offers a variety of unique foods that create a deep sense of history and authenticity that can’t be replicated. Its cuisine reflects the state’s rich cultural diversity and its substantial size. Any food lover will fall in love with these flavorful tastes. These gifts also provide an opportunity to support local businesses and help sustain small-scale producers.

Traditional Texan Treats

Unique and Artisanal Products that are beloved by Texans and show their state pride. 

3 jars with black lid and labels.
3 jars with gold lids and white labels.
jar of salsa with yellow label and jar of salsa with red label.
package of beef jerky with tan label.
package of beef jerky with yellow label.
package of beef jerky with black and green label.

Texas Gourmet Foods – This collection brings olive oils, snacks, cards, themed decorations, and more.

tall bottle with white label with gold star and text "Texas olive oil".
3 spice bottles with white label and text "Texas style smoked ribs".
3 spice bottles with white label with text "Texas style smoked chicken low n slow rub".

Taste of Texas – With this sampler of treats, each bite is packed with Southern charm and culinary mastery that will leave you wanting more.

spice bottle with yellow label with text "John Henry's East Texas".
2 packages with red, white and blue and text "Texaroni".
yellow package with black text saying "Texas BBQ".

Texas Favorites Gift Basket – Whether you’re getting this present for a Texan looking for a nostalgic treat or someone curious about experiencing the flavors of this vibrant state, this carefully curated selection has something for everyone.

black bag with blue label and black text saying "Texas pecan".
brown bag with label and small plate with pile of ground coffee.
black and blue box with 2 coffee pods with text "Texas Pecan".

Tex Sauce the Official Sauce of Texas – Made by Texans, this zesty hot sauce comes in a fun bottle in the state shape.

3 spice bottles with yellow lids and labels with text that says "Great Steaks Texas".
6 spice tins with black labels in front of white box.
jar with silver lid, black label with white text that says "Texas BBQ Rodeo Rub".

Texas Pickle Gifts – Bursting with flavor and packed with a variety of pickle-flavored and themed gifts, this unusual gift basket is sure to delight any pickle lover.

black food package with pictures of vegetables and green and white text.
jar with silver lid and white label with grey text.
two food packages with red text saying "Texas Heat".

Texas Barbeque 

From tender, smoky brisket to juicy, fall-off-the-bone ribs, every bite is an explosion of flavor that will leave them craving for more. 

BBQ Seasoning Pack – Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just starting out, these three BBQ seasonings are guaranteed to impress. 

brown bottle with black lid and red and black label.
two bottles with black lid and black label with red and white text.
brown bottle with black lid and grey label with white text.

Grill Pit Master – With a spread of rubs and seasoning, along with a Lone Star themed oven mitt and apron, your loved one can be crowned as the ultimate barbecue hero!

brown bottle with white lid and red, white and blue label.
4 bottles in a row with cream labels and black text.
brown bottle with black lid and colorful label.

Lone Star Style BBQ Spice Rub – Packed with a blend of smoky spices and authentic Texan flavors, this rub is an absolute game-changer for any grill master.

brown bottle with yellow label and black lid.
brown bottle with black lid and white label with black text.
3 brown bottles with cream labels with text saying "Texas".

Texas BBQ Gift Box – Packed with smoky flavors, tastes, and authentic Texan barbecue goodness, this gift box is a carnivore’s dream come true.

Great Gift Boxes

silver circle with Texas state flag in the center and text "made in Texas".

Indulge in savory bites like smoked beef jerky, tangy barbecue sauce, and zesty salsas made from locally sourced ingredients featuring the best of Texas flavors.

Howdy Howdy Box – Discover your favorite treats from this huge box that offers a random selection of the best items from the Lone Star state

My Texas Market Subscription Box – This seasonal box that comes every 3 months is filled with artisan products from local businesses from this great state. 

Sweetheart Treats – This delightful Texas food gift basket will surely make your loved one’s heart skip a beat with its sweets and snacks.

Taste of Dallas – This basket collects the best flavors the big city has to offer while supporting small businesses. 

Texas! Box – Filled with unique and tasty items, this box is bursting with flavors making it a great holiday gift idea. 

Texas Coffee Gift – Indulge in the rich and robust aroma of this roasted ground coffee, as you carefully brew your first cup. Pair it with the pecans and caramels that come along with it for a flavor experience as big as the state they come from.

Texas Deluxe Box – Get ready to embark on a delicious adventure filled with the flavors and traditions that put this Lone Star State on the map!

4 jars of honey with white labels, 4 packages of tea and packaging box.
basket of colorful food items.
10 jars of honey with white labels in front of white box.

Texas Great Gift Box – Each specialty item has been carefully curated to showcase the best flavors the state has to offer. Complete with note cards and a star.

Texas Heat Wave Gift Basket -This Texas gift basket is guaranteed to bring the heat to your taste buds with a huge selection of sauces and more. 

Texas Oil Tycoon Box – Indulge in the rich flavors and authentic delights that make this state famous. You can personalize the box for free!

Texas Tea Gift Box – Try some delicious, authentic tea, accompanied by some locally made preserves and shortbread cookies.

Texas Treats Gift Box – With its mouthwatering goodies, this is a fantastic gift for someone who wants some big state flavor in their life. 

Decadent Desserts and Treats

5-Generation Family Recipe Pecan Pie – Sink your teeth into a slice of heaven and experience the perfect balance between sweet and nutty flavors.

Austin Honey -Each spoonful of this heavenly nectar from its unique jar drips with rich flavors that will transport your taste buds to a blissful paradise. 

brown box with drawing of armadillo and white box with image of horny toad.
round tray of candied nuts.
8 jars with white labels stacked two high in front of white package with honeycomb picture.

Chocolate Covered Almonds in State Shaped Box – Each bite is a harmonious blend of crunchy almonds and smooth, fine chocolate that every Lone Start state fan or future fan will love. 

Creamed Austin Wildflower Honey – Prepare yourself for an indulgent experience as you spread this golden goodness over warm toast or drizzle it lavishly on freshly baked goods.

open round container with different candied pecans on wood table.
white box with images of candy and text "Texas chewie pecan praline".
bag of yellow candy with yellow label.

Deluxe Austin Honey Sampler – Get the delicious Austin Honey in addition to many more honey related products, ranging from lip balm to candles. 

Handmade Texas Themed Cookies – Each cookie is meticulously crafted with love and care to ensure a truly unique experience. Six large cookies that can be customized to your preferences. 

round silver tin open showing collection of nuts and image of red, white and blue state of Texas on the lid.
clear plate with pieces of fudge stacked.
red, white and blue bar package of Texas maple pecan.

Handmade Praline Bars – Made with love and care, these chewy, delectable delights are perfect for those who follow a gluten-free diet but refuse to compromise on flavor. 

State Shaped Lollipops – Try these delicious lollipops in the shape of the great state! Eight lollipops with over 40 flavor choices and over 10 colors. 

jar with tan label with text "Raw and unfiltered Texas honey".
jar with yellow label with text "Local Texas Honey".
yellow package of Texas peanut brittle with pieces in front of bag.

Taste of Texas Sweets – A great Texas gift box with sweet chocolate covered nuts, fudge, and other nutty treats.

Wines and Craft Beers

Texas Wine

Texas wineries are a growing and diverse industry that offers a range of styles and varieties to suit different palates and occasions. The state has eight official wine regions, each with its own climate, soil, and grape varieties. Some of the most popular wines are made from grapes that thrive in hot and dry conditions, such as tempranillo, viognier, mourvèdre, and sangiovese.

stemless wineglass with white state of Texas with word "home".
stemless wine glass with white state of Texas.

It’s important to consider what would be perfect for Christmas gifts and fit the selection to the occasion. You should also think of their preferences as far as taste and aroma. Pairing this with imaginative, themed glasses makes a great gift set. 

stemless wine glass with colorful image of state of Texas.
hand holding stemless wine glass with black state of Texas and text "deep in the heart of Texas".
two stemless wine glasses with text "Texas" and longhorn steer heads.

Texas Craft Beer

In the Lone Star state, the craft beer scene has boomed over recent years, becoming a hotbed of creativity and innovation.  It has more than 300 breweries statewide, producing everything from classic lagers and ales to experimental sours and stouts.

beer glass with white text "come and take it" and image of star and cannon.
beer can shaped glass with white state of Texas.
beer glass with white state of Texas.

When picking a gift, consider the recipient’s favorite style of beer. This narrows down the options and ensures that they will get something that they enjoy. The special selection you make would go great with a themed beer mug to complete the gift. 

beer can shaped glass with longhorn steer.
beer glass with long horn steer.
beer glass with white cowboy hat and text "This ain't my first rodeo".

Texas Craft Beer Salsa – Try this flavor-packed experience that brings together two beloved elements of Texan culture in one jar.

Funny Texas Gift Food Related Ideas

Barbeque Texas Beer T-shirt – With its hilarious text, vibrant colors, and stylish design, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. Available in a large selection of sizes, from adult to toddler, as well as 12 colors. 

Jesus Texas and Tacos Wall Art – A l lighthearted piece of wall art that will brighten up their house. 

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Wall Art – This vibrant piece of iconic artwork is perfect for hot sauce enthusiasts and adds a dash of visual flavor to any kitchen or dining area

Texas Toast Enamel Pin – Add a touch of Southern charm to your lapel, backpack, or hat with this beautifully crafted, adorable pin.

black t-shirt with white animal silhouettes and white text "Texan Salad".
black t-shirt with text "Jesus Texas & Tacos".
black t-shirt with cute toast and white text "I just really love Texas toast".

More Food Gift Ideas

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box wrapped in fruit print paper with green bow with text overlay.

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cartoon ham with Santa hat.

Texas offers an enormous variety of vibrant and mouthwatering options when it comes to food gifts for Christmas. Giving a food gift from the Lone Star State is not just showcasing the diverse culinary landscape of the state, but it’s also sharing a piece of the culture and tradition. No matter which gift you choose, each bite or sip allows the recipient to indulge in the flavorsome journey through the state’s vast food journey.

close up of Christmas tree with "Made in Texas" ornament.
cowboy boots next to Christmas tree and two gift boxes.

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