pile of colorful building bricks with text overlay.

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The magic of LEGO transcends age, making it a beloved gift choice for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or an experienced builder, this LEGO gift ideas gift guide gives you 160+ presents for any LEGO enthusiast. 

pile of colorful Lego bricks.

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2 Lego figures smiling and laughing with blue background.

The history of LEGO dates back to 1932 in Denmark, where a carpenter began a small business making wooden toys and household items. Now its appeal spans generations, and its popularity remains high due to its versatility, quality, and the creativity it prompts.

Many LEGO sets are designed around educational themes, such as science, history, and architecture. Its ability to keep children engaged for hours on end is widely acknowledged and appreciated by parents around the globe.

LEGO stimulates children’s imagination offering endless build-and-play possibilities. Building LEGO sets often requires visualizing spatial relationships, which improves the ability to solve complex problems. The action of connecting small LEGO pieces together encourages the development of fine motor skills, especially in younger children.

These seemingly simple toys harbor an abundance of educational benefits which are crucial for the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children, while also appealing to the curiosity and creativity of adults.

blue gift with red bow made from building bricks.

How to Choose LEGO Gift Ideas

When choosing a LEGO birthday gift or for any occasion, age appropriateness is key. LEGO makes sets designed for different age groups, ranging from toddlers to  adults. It’s important to keep in mind the recipient’s age while selecting a set, as younger children might struggle with more complex builds while older ones may find simpler sets less engaging.

Lego brick play stimulates creativity and imaginative play, allowing the builder to manifest their unique ideas into tangible objects. There are many different themes of Lego sets that can encourage learning about a variety of topics. Their complexity also reflects different levels of problem-solving, creativity, and comprehension.

LEGO sets often contain small pieces that can present a choking hazard for children under three years old. Always check the recommended age range on the packaging and provide supervision for younger kids.

With such a wide variety available, you are sure to find the perfect gift for a Lego lover in your life. 

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Best LEGO Gifts for Lego Lovers

This list of LEGO presents includes items they’re going to love for all budgets, ages and interests.

Personalized Beach Towel – The name of a Lego fan you know is featured in the heart-shaped building blocks design, making it truly unique and personal. 

Personalized Portrait – Your favorite photo brought to life with vibrant, colorful LEGO bricks meticulously arranged by hand. 

Puzzle Cube Made from Blocks – This innovative twist on a classic toy combines the brain-teasing fun of solving a cube with the endless creativity of building bricks.

grey LEGO Star Wars ship with mini figures and box in background.
blue LEGO race car model with blue box in back.
white and gold Taj Mahal model with blue box in background.

Decorative Brick Pillow – Made with soft and cozy materials, this blue cushion is perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your kids’ room or even as a quirky home décor piece.

Custom Name Shirt – Give a LEGO lover their very own personalized shirt featuring their name spelled out in LEGOs. There are size options for both children and adults, as well as 24 options for color. 

blue coffee mug with LEGO blocks attached and small emergency vehicles.
yellow box with white and black LEGO block salt and pepper shakers.
LEGO tiger model and box in background.

Just Build It T-shirt – A stylish and playful shirt featuring the iconic Lego bricks and the motivational slogan ‘Just Build It’.” Available in children and adult sizes.

Working Brick Telephone – A unique and functional telephone made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

LEGO® Brick Backpack – With its vibrant colors and iconic LEGO brick design, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. Sizes available for kids and adults and it comes in 10 unique colors.

yellow building block backpack with LEGO logo.

Lego Ideas for Toddler and Preschoolers

pile of pastel color building blocks with green storage tub in back.
DUPLO figures of person, animal car and windmill.
DUPLO spaceship, vehicle and figures.
Child's DUPLO construction equipment with figures.
DUPLO submarine with figures and box in background.
DUPLO fire truck, firehouse and figures.

LEGO® Water Bottle – This innovative water bottle is designed to make hydration fun and exciting for your little ones. 

Pastel color DUPLO train with figures and box in background.
DUPLO block Minnie and Mickey Mouse on train.
child's LEGO airplane, airport and figures.
Ironman, Captain America and Spiderman DUPLO figures with vehicles and accessories.
purple box with white horse, Cinderella figure and carriage.
child's LEGO house with car and figures.
DUPLO white and blue castle with Minnie and Mickey Mouse characters.
teal box of colorful building blocks.
DUPLO tree house playset with figurines.

Awesome Gifts for Elementary School Ages

LEGO® Amazing Vehicles Book -Learn about and build awesome cars, planes, and trucks that come to life right off the pages of this incredible book.

LEGO® Lunchbox – Upgrade everyday lunches into an imaginative experience with this playful yet functional gift. It also features mini figures, making it a great gift for those who love LEGO.

square green LEGO lunchbox.
building block LEGO lunchbox.
Red lunchbox with LEGO mini figure heads and blue water bottle.

LEGO® Brick Alarm Clock –  Brighten up your mornings with this colorful and fun alarm clock that brings the iconic brick right to your bedside table.

white LEGO figure with rainbow mane and box in background.
green and gold dinosaur LEGO figure with yellow box in back.
white LEGO space shuttle with blue and yellow box in background.

Personalized Sign – Each sign is custom-made, with any name or phrase spelled out on a weatherproof aluminum. Available in 3 sizes along with 9 color combinations and the ability to request your own. 

Lego grey dinosaur, tree and jeep and product box.
Lego build Groot figure and product box.
2 puppies with large eyes and accessories build from Legos and product box.

10 Randomly Selected Mini Figures – With each set containing ten randomly selected figures from a vast array available in the Legoverse, it’s like unwrapping a surprise gift every time. Every figure is complete with a headgear accessory. 

Lego grey Star Wars ship with mini figures and mini figures.
2 Star Wars fighters and mini figures and black product box.
blue and black race car made in Legos and product box.

For Lego Loving Tweens and Teens and Adults

Brick Patent T-shirt – Featuring a vivid print of the original 1961 Lego brick patent, this shirt celebrates the iconic legos and their fascinating history.

old style movie camera on stand built from Legos with product box.
Lego globe with product box.
Castle with trees built from Legos and product box.

LEGO® Earrings – A quirky and stylish handmade accessory that will add some flair to any wardrobe. Offered in 11 different color combinations making it a customizable and perfect gift. 

Lego built copy of famous painting with black product box.
old fashioned green type writer made from Lego blocks.
Lego red guitar and amp set.

LEGO Coffee Mug – Imagine sipping on your morning coffee while playfully building structures on the outside of your mug. With 4 color choices, these are great gifts for Lego lovers. 

Gold bejeweled suit of armor hand built Lego set.
yellow mug with handle that is decorated like yellow smiling Lego head.
colorful Lego flower set with black product box.

LEGO Chess Set – This unique and captivating set combines the strategic gameplay of chess with the creative fun of building with LEGO bricks.

Great Lego Themed Sets

Christmas Sets

Lego Blue ski chalet scene with mini figures.
Lego Snow covered building with Christmas decorations.
Lego Christmas decorated buildings and cable car set.
Lego Santa's workshop outdoor scene.
Lego Santa's workshop with mini figures.
Tan Lego product box with red book and mini figures.

LEGO® Advent Sets – Every day leading up to Christmas, open a new door to reveal a unique Lego surprise, allowing you to build an entire winter wonderland scene by the time December 25th arrives. Each year there is a whole new set to build and collect.

Lego advent calendar mini figures with product box with winter scene.
Lego Advent calendar mini figures with black and gold product box.
Lego Advent calendar mini figures with blue product box.
5 LEGO Christmas mini figures.
2 Lego gingerbread mini figures.
collection of Christmas themed Lego mini figures.

Disney Lego Sets

Become immersed in the fantastical world of princesses, heroes, and talking animals as you build elaborate castles, enchanted forests, and bustling towns.

elaborate Lego set for the Little Mermaid movie.

Little Mermaid Set

colorful house with bunch of colorful balloons and mini figures.
Castle with Minnie and Mickey Mouse set.

Architecture Sets

Not only can you build impressive structures, but you also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for architecture and history. They also become incredible display pieces that add sophistication and charm to any room.

White House structure built from Lego blocks.
Statue of Liberty build from Lego blocks with black box in back.
Eiffel Tower Lego Set.
White pyramid build from LEGO set.
white and gold Taj Mahal LEGO set with blue box in back.
Red bridge Lego set with black box in background.

LEGO Harry Potter

This perfect Lego gift brings the world of Hogwarts to life, allowing you to recreate iconic scenes and even craft your own magical stories.

Harry Potter LEGO set scene.
LEGO castle with mini figures.
black dragon, wagon and LEGO figures with blue box in back.

LEGO Star Wars

Each set comes packed with authentic details that will transport you straight into the action-packed world of Jedi heroes and Sith villains. Experience your favorite characters and places. Popular sets include:


silver Lego suit of armor helmet with black product box.
Grey and black Lego Star Wars scene.
grey and black Lego TIE Bomber ship with mini figurines.

Official Lego Retro Sets

LEGO Creator Expert Sets

This is the ultimate challenge for master builders. They are some of the largest and most detailed sets available. 

White LEGO box with figure and sword thrower on wheels.
black box with LEGO built Friends TV show sets.
white Taj Mahal LEGO set with blue box in back.
ship in a bottle LEGO set.
white Ghost Busters car LEGO set.
white Saturn V Lego set.

Icons Sets

With these incredible sets, you can recreate objects from your favorite movies and shows, as well as iconic real-world objects like cars and stadiums.

LEGO game system set in brown and black.
LEGO buildings in yellow and red.
Lego robot figure in red and grey.

LEGO Ideas Sets

 All of these sets are inspired by submissions from Lego fans. The fan voting results in a selection of some of the most recognizable and realistic models available, reflecting all sorts of different interests. Popular sets include:

Lego Storage

Helmet Display Wall-mount Storage – These innovative mounts provide the perfect solution for displaying your prized helmets, allowing you to show off your lego collection in style. Offered in 3 colors.

Brick Builder Table – Gone are the days of scattered LEGO pieces on the floor – this table provides a building space, keeping everything neat and organized. Available in 5 table sizes and 3 heights.

3 storage bags in yellow, blue and red.
square red box that looks like LEGO building block.
storage box with drawer and building block tray on top.

Stackable Car Display Stand – This innovative stand is designed to provide maximum stability and support while you display your creations. Comes in 3 colors.

green rectangular bag that looks like LEGO block.
black tote with yellow stripe and handles holding a red, blue and yellow tote.
round storage bin with attached yellow play mat filled with colorful building bricks.

Figure Head Storage – This handy storage container is specifically designed to neatly hold and display your collection of up to 100 beloved Lego minifigure heads.

yellow LEGO head storage container.
3 wall hooks that look like round LEGO blocks.
yellow storage box that looks like yellow building brick.

Wall Mount Display for Star Wars X-Wing Model – This accessory is designed to effortlessly showcase your prized X-Wing lego creations in all their glory. Supports X-Wing model numbers.

black pouch with yellow figure heads.
black tote bag with handles holding yellow, red and blue bags.
building block display case with black bottom and clear top.

Gift Bag Goodies

These small gifts are perfect for party bags, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, and more! There are many fun Lego items that can fit any occasion or festivity. 

paper bags with colorful building bricks.
red, blue, yellow and green gift bags that look like building brick.
building block gift boxes with colorful favor items.

Popular small LEGO items include:

3 arms with colorful building block tattoos.
small building block dinosaur figures.
LEGO tree with 2 figures.
blue and red LEGO airplane with pilot figure.
LEGO red car with figure and motorcycle with figure.
LEGO ice cream stand with motorcycle and two figures.
open white box with colorful lollipops that look like building blocks.
colorful building block shaped candy stacked.
colorful building block lollipops on white sticks.

The multitude of gift options cater to various interests, skill levels, and age ranges. No matter what kind of Lego gift you choose, you can be sure that it will bring joy and satisfaction to the person who receives it. LEGO is more than just a toy; it is a way of expressing yourself and your passions.

2 Lego figures smiling and laughing with blue background.
2 piles of colorful Lego bricks.

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