presents wrapped in brown paper with flowers attached by string.

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This collection of 105+ of the best gifts for flower lovers will help you find the perfect gifts that will bring joy, beauty, and a touch of nature’s magic into the lives of the flower enthusiasts in your life.

white flowers next to red present on wood table.

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Gifts for Flower Lovers

Flowers have always held a special place in the hearts of gift-givers and recipients alike. Their vibrant colors, delicate petals, and enchanting fragrances have the power to brighten up any occasion and convey emotions when words fall short. For flower lovers, receiving a thoughtful gift that celebrates their passion for blooms is an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show appreciation, finding the perfect gift for a flower lover can be a delightful endeavor.

presents wrapped in brown paper with flowers attached by string.

Flower Symbolism

Flower symbolism is the practice of using flowers to convey messages or emotions that cannot be expressed in words. Flowers have been associated with various meanings and symbols since ancient times, and different cultures have their own interpretations and traditions regarding flower meanings.

Some common meanings are:

  1. Rose: The rose is one of the most well-known and widely recognized symbols in flower symbolism. It is often associated with love and romance, with different colors of roses carrying nuanced meanings. For example, red roses typically represent passionate love, while yellow roses symbolize friendship or joy.
  2. Lily: Lilies are often associated with purity, innocence, and spirituality. They have been used in religious and spiritual ceremonies and are commonly associated with the Virgin Mary in Christian symbolism. Lilies are also associated with renewal and rebirth, as they often bloom in the spring.
  3. Daisy: Daisies are often seen as symbols of innocence, purity, and simplicity. They are typically associated with childhood, and their cheerful appearance evokes a sense of joy and playfulness. Daisies can also symbolize loyalty and new beginnings.
  4. Sunflower: Sunflowers are known for their vibrant yellow petals and their tendency to turn towards the sun. They symbolize warmth, happiness, and loyalty. Sunflowers are often associated with a positive outlook on life and are seen as a symbol of summer and abundance.
  5. Orchid: Orchids are often associated with beauty, elegance, and luxury. They are considered exotic and rare flowers, symbolizing refinement and grace. Orchids can also represent love, strength, and fertility.
  6. Tulip: Tulips are often associated with perfect love and are commonly given as romantic gestures. Different colors of tulips can have varying meanings. For example, red tulips represent true love, while yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts and sunshine.
  7. Violet: Violets are often associated with modesty, humility, and innocence. They can also symbolize deep affection and faithfulness. Violets have been used historically as symbols of remembrance and mourning.
  8. Lotus: The lotus flower holds significant symbolism in various cultures, particularly in Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. It represents purity, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. The lotus is often depicted as rising above the muddy waters to bloom, signifying the journey towards enlightenment.

Gift Ideas for Flower Lovers

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💐Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are always a great gift for someone who loves flowers because they bring joy and beauty to the recipient’s day. They symbolize love, care, and thoughtfulness, making them a thoughtful gesture for any occasion. Did you know that flowers have been shown to improve mood and reduce stress, so they can help brighten someone’s day.

clear vase with bouquet of sunflowers.
clear vase of colorful roses.
clear vase with orchids.

Beautiful Multi-Color Bouquet in a Lovely Delft Cup and Saucer – Let the flower experts create the perfect fresh bloom present for almost anyone on your list.

Same Day Delivery Options that Are Beautiful – You can order by 2:00 p.m on Monday through Friday and before noon on Saturdays and Sundays in your recipient’s time zone for delivery that same day.

Orchid Plants – These gifts give joy for months after they are delivered. Every plant comes with instructions and is personally delivered by a florist who can provide plant care tips

Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club – Receive professionally designed seasonal bouquets, cut just two days before received and shipped overnight to ensure freshness. Choose from sending a box a month for three, six or twelve months.

BloomsyBox – Choose from one box or one box a month for three, six or twelve months. Features fresh flowers from sustainable farms around the world.

Premier Flowers from ReVased – Send beautiful fresh flowers, support farmers who are committed to environmentally-friendly practices, and give back to the community because flowers are donated to non-profit organizations with each purchase. Select to send a one-month, three-month, six-month or twelve-month subscription.

🌹Flower Vase

You can’t go wrong with a lovely vase because it can be used to display and showcase their favorite flowers and serves as a decorative piece even when there are no flowers in it.

person's head in white as a vase holding flowers.
clear vase with pink tulips.
hand in white holding bouquet of daisies.

Lovely Crystal Vase – An elegant and delicate decorative container that is the perfect compliment to your floral gifts.

white ceramic vase with burlap bow.
clear rectangular vase filled with colorful roses.
clear vase with mesh rope cover.

🌸Flower-Themed Items

Flower or Gardener Themed Gift Boxes – A thoughtful and delightful gift that brings the beauty of nature into someone’s life on a regular basis. You can choose to send one box or a box each month for as long as you’d like  Includes boxes featuring:

Floral Scented Candles –  A delightful and fragrant gift for any occasion, these Yankee candles come in the most popular floral scents.

  • Edelweiss
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Mixed Florals
  • Rose
pink coffee cup with colorful flowers.
clear tumbler with daisies and lid and straw.
navy blue coffee mug with red and white flowers.

Personalized Birth Flower Coffee Cup with Lid and Straw – A unique and customized cup adorned with the individual’s birth month flower, making it a meaningful and special gift that is offered with 15 different personalization choices.

Vintage Floral Tumbler Coffee Mug –  A stylish and elegant tumbler with a floral design, perfect for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages on the go.

Boho WildFlower Cottagecore Coffee Mug – A beautiful handmade ceramic mug with the popular cottagecore aesthetic.

tall white tumbler with pink flowers and green leaves and straw.
brightly colored floral travel tumbler.
black tumbler with white daises and straw.

Personalized Garden of Artistic Flowers – Give a garden that won’t die and requires no work with this beautiful display that you can personalize. 

Bouquet of Song Lyric Paper Flowers – A unique gift idea that allows you to personalize your paper flowers with the song lyrics of your choice.

4 white tote bags with colorful flower designs.
white purse with colorful flowers and leather strap.
white purse and pouch with colorful flowers.

Flower Pressing Kit –  A tool used to preserve and flatten flowers for decorative purposes. Combine with a book on flower pressing to complete the gift.

white zippered pouch with pink flowers.
canvas zippered pouch with rustic flowers.
black backpack with pink and white roses.
cover of flower themed coloring book.
black pen with colorful flowers.
peach colored tote bag with red flowers.

🌻Home Décor

Wildflower Velveteen Blanket – A custom design with a variety of the artist’s most unique flower photos. All flowers shown on the blanket are native to Arizona. The blanket is super soft, lightweight and yet warm. The artists will also design a custom blanket for you.

Dried Flower Serving Tray – A unique handmade item featuring pressed flowers, perfect for the flower lover in your life. Comes in 8 different color options and 4 sizes.

woman holding up floral blanekt.
cream and floral table runner on wood table.
4 white throw pillows with different floral designs.

Floral Coasters – One-of-a-kind handmade coasters with real dried flowers and gold flake sparkles. Choose from 9 different colors.

Floral Side Table – A  beautifully custom handmade piece of furniture that adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any space.

rectangular floral wall art.
3 vertical floral wall art pictures.
vertical wall art of flowers in glass jar.


Delicate Birth Flower Necklace – A handmade present available in gold, silver and rose gold and with 7 choices of chain length. 

14K Gold Sunflower Necklace – Handmade necklace that can be personalized and is available in yellow, rose or white gold. 

necklace with large daisy pendant.
silver pendant with colorful flowers.
gold ring with five flowers.
pendant earrings with blue flowers.
gold flower earrings with red centers.
necklace with gold sunflower pendant.


Birth Flower Sweatshirt – Personalized garden gift that allows you to choose their favorite flowers.

Wild Flower T-Shirt – A vibrant and nature-inspired shirt featuring colorful wildflower designs in 16 different color options.

cream colored t-shirt with row of flowers on chest.
woman wearing white sweatshirt with colorful flowers.
woman wearing white hoodie with colorful flowers.

Pressed Flower Hoodie – A unique and stylish garment adorned with delicate flowers that add a touch of natural beauty to its design and is handmade 7 color options

person wearing jeans with embroidered flowers.
woman wearing white t-shirt with colorful roses.
woman wearing grey kimono style jacket with floral design.
blue and black socks with red flowers.
white tennis shoes with colorful flowers.
short turquoise cowboy boots with flowers.
slip on shoes with orange and yellow flowers.
white rainboots with flowers.
black baseball hat with white flowers.

📖Educational Gifts

Gifts that promote learning can be a thoughtful and meaningful present because they:

  • Deepen knowledge
  • Expand skills
  • Inspire creativity
  • Encourage a lifelong passion

Growing Flowers: Everything You Need to Know by Niki Irving – An extensive guide that provides all the essential information about cultivating beautiful flowers

Floriography: An Essential Guide to Learning the Realms of Floriography by Johnny Dixon – A detailed book that explores the art and symbolism of flower communication.”

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Flower Gardener’s Handbook – A comprehensive guide for flower enthusiasts, providing valuable information and tips on growing beautiful and thriving gardens.

Redouté. Book of Flowers: The Complete Plates – A a comprehensive collection of the stunning floral illustrations by the renowned artist, Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Flower Color Guide by Taylor and Michael Putnam – A comprehensive reference for understanding and creating beautiful floral arrangements based on color.

Flower Gardening Magazine Subscription – A  thoughtful gift for the flower lovers on your list that provides year-round inspiration, tips, and advice for avid gardeners.

👒Gardner Gifts for Flower Lovers

Beautiful Large Colorful Planter – Lovely handmade present perfect for the plant lover.

Garden of Love Flower Pot – Handmade and can be personalized with up to 20 names.

green clog shoes with colorful flowers.
black gardening boots with colorful flowers.
white sunhat with flowers.

🪴Flower-Growing Kits

Flower growing kits are one of the best gift ideas because they provide the recipient with an opportunity to engage in a relaxing and fulfilling activity and witness the growth and beauty of flowers firsthand. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making them a versatile gift option and are also a sustainable gift option, encouraging individuals to grow their own flowers rather than relying on store-bought ones.

Look for seeds or cuttings that are unusual and a special treat:

Butterfly Garden Kit – Each kit is designed to nurture a butterfly garden and contains:

  • 5 plant markers
  • 5 peat pellets and 5 peat pots (these will decompose in the ground)
  • 5 different plant seeds
  • An instruction card with everything you need to know

🧤Garden Items

Personalized Gardening Tools – Make gardening even more fun with these personalized tools that are available in 22 different font choices.

Personalized Garden Sign –  A customized outdoor decoration that adds a personal touch to their garden and is available in 19 colors and 3 sizes.

green gardening gloves with flowers.
garden tools and bag with floral design.
box with three floral design gardening tools.
open purple case with floral design gardening tools.
collapsible green gardening stool.
black gardening wagon.

🌷Experience Gifts

Experience gifts provide an opportunity for flower or plant lovers to immerse themselves in their passion and learn more. You can also join them in the experience and create treasured memories together.

Workshops or classes on floral arrangement, gardening, or flower cultivation  allow them to gain hands-on experience and enhance their skills.

Visit botanical gardens, flower shows or festivals to explore different varieties of flowers and appreciate their beauty in person.

Guided tours to flower farms or nurseries offer a chance to observe the growing process and understand the care required for various types of flowers.

A floral photography class is a gift that keeps on giving as it teaches your recipient to capture the beauty of flowers through the lens of their camera.

Gardening Service – Use Thumbtack to find a local garden service provider. to help your recipient continue to enjoy their love of gardening.

Flowers are more than just pretty plants. They are a way of expressing our feelings, celebrating our milestones, and bringing joy to our lives. That’s why flower lovers deserve to be spoiled with gifts that reflect their passion and appreciation for nature’s beauty.

glass vase with orange tulips on table in living room.
orange flowers next to wrapped presents.

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