vintage white table with white box and candle in front of pink floral columns with text overlay.

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Looking for creative and unique gift table ideas for weddings that will add a touch of elegance and charm to your special day? We’ve got something for every theme and budget so you’re sure to find what you want to make your wedding day one to remember.

vintage white table with white box and candle in front of pink floral columns.

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Gift tables are an essential aspect of a wedding reception, as they provide a designated space for guests to place their gifts for the newlywed couple. A gift table not only ensures that gifts are kept organized and secure, but it also serves as a central focal point where guests can place their well-wishes and congratulations for the couple. The gift table is often the first thing that guests see upon entering the reception area, making it an important aspect of the overall wedding décor.

Additionally, a gift table allows the couple to properly thank their guests for their generosity and support. By setting up a gift table, the couple can easily keep track of who gave what gift and ensure that each guest receives a heartfelt thank you note. It also allows guests to leave cards, letters, and notes of congratulations, providing the couple with a lasting memory of their special day. 

Wedding Gift Table Ideas

Recognize that even if you specify that you’re requesting no gifts at your wedding, some guest may still bring them. Setting up a table that can also be used as a card and gift table will prevent awkwardness and any unnecessary distress for the bride’s family or guests. You can also leave plenty of room on the seating chart table to gifts and cards.

Traditional Gift Table Set-Up

The typical wedding gift table layout can vary greatly depending on the couple’s style and preferences. Generally, the gift table is located near the entrance of the wedding reception where guests can easily drop off their presents and is usually decorated with flowers, candles or other decorative items. The table may also have a sign indicating where guests can leave their gifts. Some couples choose to provide a gift box or gift bag for guests to place their presents in.

Occasionally, the couple will open their gifts ahead of time and display them on the table for all to see. However, it’s important to note that gift opening is not usually done at the reception itself. Instead, guests are encouraged to bring their presents to the engagement party or send them ahead of time if they can’t attend the wedding. 

When it comes to decorating a wedding gift table, there are many options to choose from to ensure it matches the overall theme of the wedding.

  • One popular idea is to use gold leaf-covered resin letters that represent the initials of the couple. These letters can add a sophisticated touch to the table while personalizing it for the happy couple.
  • Another idea is to use large letters that spell out “Mr. and Mrs.” or the couple’s initials, which can make a great backdrop for wedding photos.
  • Custom decorations such as framed photos, flowers, and candles can add a romantic feel to the table.
  • Consider is making the table whimsical with playful decorations if it better matches the theme you’re planning.
  • When decorating the wedding table for gifts, be sure to include a personalized card box or card collection area since you’ll like receive both wedding cards and gifts.
  •  You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. Simply by adding small touches that match the wedding colors and theme, the gift table can truly become a beautiful focal point.

Modern Gift Table Ideas

There are plenty of creative ways to make the gift table a stylish and inviting spot for guests while staying on-theme.

collage of gift card boxes and table for wedding.
  • A neon name sign on the table can also be used long after the wedding by the couple.
  • Vintage mailboxes surrounded by flowers or vintage books also make for a charming display. 
  • Another fun idea is to provide a notecards or a journal flanked by a sign asking guests to leave their best wedding wishes for the couple.
  • Add a treats, such as traditional Italian bomboniere confetti, for guests to take as they leave their card or gift to thank them for celebrating your special day.
  • If the couple prefers charitable donations over traditional wedding gifts, a donation box can be placed on the table to collect donations on their behalf. 
  • A memory table can be set up with pictures and mementos from the couple’s relationship, adding a sentimental touch to the gift table.
  • A greenery wall with natural elements can add a natural and modern touch to the gift table décor.
  • Custom signage can be created to welcome guests to the gift table and add a personal touch to the set-up.
white wood letters spelling "love" and colorful flowers.
  •  A minimalist display with simple décor elements, like a glass card box, can create a clean and modern look for the gift table. You can choose to use the wedding colors or simply black and white with accents of gold or silver. 
  • A floral display with fresh flowers and greenery can add a natural and elegant touch to the gift table décor.

Themed Gift Tables

Beach – Create a beach-themed gift table with seashells, sand, and a beach sign.

Rustic – Use burlap, lace, and wooden elements to create a rustic-themed gift table. You could even include a vintage or thrifted wedding dress as the tablecloth.

Garden Wedding – Use fresh flowers, greenery or terrarium and a garden sign to create a garden-themed gift table.

Nautical – Use anchor decorations, navy blue accents, and a nautical sign to create a nautical-themed gift table. Include a lobster trap or fishing equipment for a fishing nautical theme.

Vintage – Use vintage suitcases, antique cameras, wooden crates and old books to create a vintage-themed gift table.

Travel – Use maps, globes, and luggage to create a travel-themed gift table. Add a sign that reads “Adventure Awaits” to tie everything together.

Romantic – Use candles, roses, and hearts to create a romantic-themed gift table.

Hollywood Glam – Use gold and silver accents, feathers, and a Hollywood sign to create a Hollywood Glam-themed gift table.

Winter Wonderland – Use white and silver décor, fake snow, and a winter sign to create a winter wonderland-themed gift table. Check out the tutorial to make these DIY Wintery Jars for just pennies.

Enchanted Forest  – Use moss, twigs, and fairy lights to create an enchanted forest-themed gift table.

Wine-themed – Set up a wine-themed gift table with a wooden barrel as the base, wine bottles, and a sign that reads “Sip, Sip, Hooray.”

Destination Wedding – Use travel themed items, such as suitcases maps. Feature items unique to your destination, like flowers, post cards and art.

Ranch – Use rustic items, such as a wood box for cards and use burlap or bandanas to create the tablecloth.

Sports-themed – Decorate with the couple’s favorite sports team colors, logos and players. You can use jerseys or banners to create the table cloth and a helmet to collect cards.

Movie-themed – Use either more generic movie props, such as a video camera and movie clapboard, or décor specific to their favorite movie. Plastic or ceramic movie popcorn boxes can be used as vases for flowers on the table.

Cosplay-themed – Create a table that coordinates with your unique wedding theme.

collage of 4 floral and candle arrangements.

DIY Gift Table Ideas


Vintage Theme

Beach Theme

collage of floral settings on formal tables.

Garden theme

Wine Theme

  • Wood wine crate as a gift or card holder
  • Wine bottle with a candle or fairy lights centerpiece or table décor
  • Fill a simple glass vase with corks or flowers
  • Wood crate holding wine bottles as décor

Modern Theme

Country Theme

  • Use a rustic picnic hamper as a gift and card holder
  • Cowboy hat centerpiece with flowers
  • DIY burlap banner with the couple’s names
  • Decorate a wood crate with chalk paint to create levels on the table or to create the table with multiple crates

Travel Theme

Non-Traditional Gift Tables

In planning a wedding, you’ll need to consider one of the traditional elements of weddings – the gift table, which is usually placed at the entrance of the reception space. Couples are moving away from the traditional gift table and embracing more unique and personalized ideas. These ideas will inspire you to create a gift table that reflects your personality and style.

Add legs to a rustic ladder turned on its side can make a table that’s unique and works for vintage or industrial wedding décor.

Add legs to a vintage suitcase or stack 3 -5 suitcases to use as a gift table to create a unique and travel-inspired look.

wood crate filled with colorful flowers.

A rustic wooden crate can create a natural and earthy gift table that is perfect for a vintage wedding or country garden wedding. Use fruit, vegetable, wine or soda crates to change the vibe.

Create a contemporary feel by using modern display shelves to showcase the gifts. Shelves with glass, chrome or gold-tones will change the look to match your theme.

An industrial cart with a metal frame and wooden planks can give a chic and industrial vibe. You can drape it with fabric and add some fairy lights to create a warm and inviting space.

Use a vintage trunk as the gift table. You can add some greenery or flowers to make it look more decorative.

A wishing well can be a charming alternative to collect cards and small gifts from guests.

If the couple loves books, you can use a bookshelf as a table for guests to place gifts. Arrange the books in a creative way to create a unique look. You could even create a table from stacks of books, just be sure to secure the books so no one accidently knocks the table over.

A picnic table can give a rustic and comfortable at the entrance to a ranch wedding. You can decorate it with burlap, lace or bandanas to create a cozy atmosphere.

Upcycled old furniture can serve as a unique welcome table for gifts. For example, you can turn an old dresser into a gift table by removing the drawers and adding some shelves.

Use wooden pallets to create a simple and rustic gift table. Stack the pallets on top of each other and add some flowers or candles for decoration.

A tree stump can create a table with a natural and earthy feel.  Add  moss, flowers or fairy lights to make it look more decorative.

You could also use a vintage wagon to be a gift wagon gift station in place of a gift and card table.

What are some gift table ideas for wedding?

Some great ideas for your wedding gift table include a suitcase, mailbox, birdcage, gift wagon, chalkboard, wooden crate, bunting, monogrammed receptacles, lobster trap, and acrylic card box.

Why is it important to have a well-managed gift table at a wedding?

Having a well-managed gift table at a wedding is crucial because it allows guests to easily put their gifts in the designated area and keeps things organized for the bride and groom. It also ensures that no gifts are lost or stolen during the festivities.

Do I still need a gift table if I have a registry?

Yes, even if you have a registry, it’s still important to have a gift table. Some guests may not have purchased a registry item and prefer to give a monetary or personalized gift on the big day. Some may even bring physical gifts that are not on your registry list.

Can I put this gift table out of eyesight or create a stand-alone moment?

It is not recommended to put the gift table completely out of sight as guests need to easily identify where to place their gifts. However, you can incorporate the gift table into your wedding décor by adding floral arrangements, personalized tags, or repurposing unique items like an antique dresser or vintage chest.

Do I need to have my monogram on the gift table?

Adding a monogram to your gift table is not necessary, but it can help add character to your wedding décor and tie everything together. You can also use your monogram to personalize other wedding details such as guest favors, cocktail napkins, and cake toppers.

What is the best way to keep gifts secure during the reception?

The best way to keep gifts secure during the reception is to designate a trusted person at the wedding to monitor the gift table. You can also consider providing a lockbox for guests to drop off their gifts, or have a family member or bridesmaid collect gifts throughout the night and keep them in a secure location.

Is it appropriate to have a gift table at the end of the night?

It is not recommended to leave the gift table until the end of the night as guests may already have left and it can be difficult to keep track of gifts. It’s best to have the gift table set up at the beginning of the reception and clearly labeled so guests can easily find it.

Creating a memorable gift table at your wedding is an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique style and personality. By embracing non-traditional ideas, you can make your gift table stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests. The key is to make it personal and reflective of your love story. Remember to incorporate elements that represent you as a couple and have fun with the design.

wood table with white flowers and text overlay.
modern table with tropical flowers.
clear vase with pink flowers on formal table.

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