father kissing pregnant woman's pregnant stomach.

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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for an expecting dad? We’ve got you covered! The list of 65+ ideas ranges from practical to fun gift ideas, making it easy to find a gift that fits your dad’s preferences.  Whether he’s nervous or excited about becoming a dad, these gifts will make him feel special on this Father’s Day! 

father kissing pregnant woman's pregnant stomach.

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Father’s Day Gifts for Expecting Dad

First-time fathers need guidance, information, and honest answers to help them fulfill their supportive role. By starting healthy habits and being aware of the huge task of parenting a newborn, fathers can build strong attachments with their children and provide emotional support that is vital for their development. These awesome gifts can make becoming a father even more meaningful.

Practical Gifts

Expecting a baby can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience for fathers. While it’s tempting to go for traditional gifts like ties or wallets, practical gifts for expecting dads can make a significant impact on their day-to-day life. In this article, we will explore some practical gift ideas that can be both useful and meaningful for expecting fathers. From giving your time to parenting books, these gift ideas will help them prepare for their new role as a dad.

Gifts of Assistance

While material gifts can be useful and appreciated, sometimes the best gift ideas are giving your time and support. Expecting fathers may feel overwhelmed and uncertain as they navigate their new role. As Father’s Day approaches, consider giving a gift for the dad that will show your love and support by giving your time and help. These gifts will not only make their lives easier but will also show that you care about their well-being.

  • Help dad set up the crib and put together other furniture.
  • Help dad figure out the baby monitor and other gadgets.
  • Help dad install the car seat and figure out how to remove it.
  • Help babyproof the house.
  • Offer to help the expecting mama if the expectant dad in your life travels or work unpredictable shifts.
  • Offer babysitting service coupons.
  • Offer lawn mowing or house cleaning coupons.
  • Offer to watch the new child on night so mom and dad can get the precious gift of sleep.

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Books on Fatherhood and Parenting

Expecting a baby can be a life-changing experience for the new dad in your life, and many of them may feel uncertain or unprepared for their new role. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, reading books on fatherhood and parenting can be an excellent way for soon-to-be dads to gain insights and knowledge on how to navigate this new journey. Gifting a book can be a thoughtful and practical present for expectant fathers by offering valuable advice, insights, and inspiration to help them prepare for their new role. Choose from this list of the best books for expecting dads.

The Expectant Father Guide for Dads-to-Be   – The best selling guide for the expectant dad with information and advice on infant development, supporting your partner, labor and delivery and the first months of your little one’s life. 

book cover of red polo shirt and text "The Expectant Father:

You Will Rock as a Dad! Everything fathers need to know   – Written by a father and sports fan as a deep dive into all areas for first time dads to help you become the super dad you want to be.

back of adult in blue shirt holding baby with text overlay "You will rock as a dad"

New Dad’s Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life  – Insight from Super Bowl champion and father of seven, Benjamin Watson. Everything you need to know to be the best partner and father you can be.

book cover with sleeping infant in football helmet held by man's hand.

Dad’s Guide to the First Year for a New Father   – Everything daddies or new dads need to know for the first 12 months of caring for and raising new babies. Includes topics such as the role of technology, changing societal roles and advice for special family and extended family situations.

blue and brown plaid shirt on book cover with text "The New Father" and colorful stacking cups.

Baby Tips for a New Dad answers to 117 doubts every new dad has – Topics covered include how your unborn baby will change your life, preparing the nursery and baby-proofing your home, how to bond with your newborn baby, addressing money fears and more

turquoise book cover with 3 cartoon images of man caring for a baby.
Perfect for the Expectant Dad

Personalized Survival Guide for New Parents | Give them a giggle

Diaper Bags Dad Will Be Proud to Carry

A diaper bag is an essential item for any new parent, and it’s not just for moms. Expectant fathers need to have a reliable diaper bag that fits their body and lifestyle, too. A diaper bag that is functional, stylish, and gender-neutral is an excellent gift for any expectant father.

ActiveDoodie Dad Diaper Bag in Desert Brown or Black with Camo Changing Pad – Made by a Veteran Owned company. Patches are removable so others can be added. Contains 4 compartments, changing pad and insulated bottle holders.

military style backpack in brown with name tags "Dad Life".

Black and Grey 3-in-1 Diaper Bag with Changing Station – Diaper bag with fold out changing station bassinet. Designed to be comfortable to carry with lots of storage space. 

3 different views of grey and black baby diaper bag backpack.

Insulated Diaper Backpack for Dad with Changing Pad – Made of durable waterproof material with 14 different storage pockets. Designed for comfort and convenience. 

charcoal black backpack with dark color American flag patch.

Over-the-Shoulder Tactical Diaper Bag in 4 colors – Includes changing pad and removeable name patches. Organized interior with multiple pockets for storage of everything your little one needs.

black diaper bag with tactical look patches, one says "Daddy" and one says "Mommy"

Large Capacity Tie Dyed Diaper Bag –  A multifunctional bag that includes a crib. Made of waterproof and friction-free fabric. 

black and white tie dye diaper bag with various baby items displayed.

Home Cooked Meals or Meal Delivery

Being a new parent can be incredibly tiring and time-consuming, and meal delivery can help alleviate some of the stress and burden of meal planning and preparation. It is a great gift to give because it allows daddy to focus on baby and mom, while also providing much-needed nourishment and energy during those early sleep-deprived days.

Additionally, meal delivery services can offer a wide range of options to cater to different dietary preferences and requirements, making it easy to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This is especially important given that families often have limited time to devote to grocery shopping and meal prep.

Meal delivery is often overlooked but excellent gift ideas for expectant dads and a way to show them that they are loved and appreciated while also providing them with a much-needed break.

  • Make two weeks’ worth of freezer meals so dad can focus on mom and baby.
  • Gift meal delivery service for restaurants in your local area.
  • Gift home meal delivery for a week up to a month.
  • Deliver freshly cooked meals large enough for two dinners three times a week.

Baby Carriers for Dad

A baby carrier is an essential tool for hands-free baby carrying, which allows parents to keep their babies close while still being able to move around and get things done. While baby carriers were traditionally seen as a mother’s accessory, modern baby carriers are designed to be gender-neutral and suit both parents’ needs. 

Men’s Baby Carrier in 3 colors, including camo, for babies and toddlers – Lightweight, padded design with high-end materials, including 600D tactical polyester and premium hardware.  Includes shade for sun protection when baby faces towards wearer and machine washable bib to protect carrier from spit up when baby is facing out.

man wearing baby on his chest in camo colored baby carrier.

Baby Wrap Baby Carrier for Dads in grey – Ideal for baby wearing. A comfortable easy-to-use baby carrier for men that looks like a normal, V-neck tee when not in use. No complicated tying or wrapping. 

black haired man wearing infant in dark grey wrap around baby carrier.

Baby Carrier from birth to 47 lbs – Available in two colors and can be used for both front and back carry.  6 ways to wear the baby carrier from newborn to toddler. Choose the most comfortable carrying way according to the baby’s stage and size.    

man in white shirt with baby facing forward in grey baby carrier on his chest.

Papa Lils Baby Carrier Gift Set for Dad – Features a sturdy and well-made design can be worn in 3 ways: backpack only, with baby carrier attached, and baby chest carrier alone. 

dad with baby in camo color carrier and  matching backpack and changing pad.

Technology Gifts for Expecting Dads

Technology has become an essential part of our lives, and it can also make parenting easier and more enjoyable. With the advancements in technology, there are several gadgets and devices available that can assist new parents in their daily lives. As Father’s Day approaches, it’s an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for the soon-to-be dad in your life by gifting them a technology gadget that will make their life easier. From smart home devices to baby monitors with advanced features, technology gifts are not only practical but also innovative and exciting. In this article, we will explore some of the best technology gifts available in the market, which are designed to make parenting easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

Advanced Baby Monitors

Smart Video Baby Monitor – Monitor your baby and baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Helps you track your baby’s sleep trends including waking, heart rate, sleep quality, and total hours slept. The Dream Sock can be worn for every nap and bedtime.      

screen with image of baby and 2 smaller electronic devises on either side.

Smart Video Baby Monitor with Extended Range –Range up to 1500 feet, HD Video and remote pan and tilt camera with high-definition 5″ display.  Also includes two-way talk and temperature sensors.

images of smiling baby on 2 devices, antenna device and other electronic device.

Smart WiFi Baby Monitor with 5-inch monitor and Smart Phone App – Day and night vision images. Fully remote pan tilt and zoom camera. Two-way talk and motion and temperature alerts.

smiling baby image on 2 devices next to white camera lens.

Two HD Camera Split-Screen Baby Monitor with Night Vision  – Hack-proof and high definition. Two high definition cameras and split screen feature. 

2 white camera lenses next to device with smiling baby.

Smart Home Devices

Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet – Multiple motion and voice activated options make it easy for new moms and dads to clean up.

silver arched kitchen sink faucet.

Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet – Motion activated and energy saving faucet in two colors.

silver bathroom sink faucet with motion sensor and water running from faucet.

Touchless Garbage Can – 13 gallon trash can with odor filter in 17 different colors, styles and sizes.

Motion Sensor Light Dimmer – Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Hands-free and smart operation of  connected lights. You can set  to automatically turn on the light when motion is detected and turn off after a preset time. Make an ideal gift for new dads.  

white and turquoise box next to white motion sensor light switch.

Hatch Mini White Noise Machine – with 8 soothing sounds and a remote app control. Helps baby and new parents sleep better. Sound choices include white noise, heartbeat, water, dryer, ocean, wind, rain, and birds. 

white round electronic device speaker.

Smart Outlet Plug to Make Any Device work with Alexa or Google assist –  No hub required. Voice activated command when your hands are full.   ontrol your home from anywhere. Check the status of your plugs and turn them on or off remotely.

two large white outlet plugs stacked on top of each other.

Personalized Gifts for Expecting Dads

  • Send a handwritten letter of encouragement
  • Write a list of ten to 50 parenting and dad advice
  • Matching jerseys for Dad’s favorite sports team
  • Matching Dad and Baby T-shirts

Dad and Baby’s First Year: A Newborn Journal for Memorable Moments – A memory book created by a new father remembering all the events of the first year through his eyes.

square book cover with baby item images and text "Dad & Baby's First Year"

Dad’s Journal: What I Want You to Know About Me and My Life – A great gift to capture all of dad’s wisdom and precious memories. Get your new dad to record his wisdom. Or filled in by a grandfather and given as a thoughtful gift of wisdom. Either way, it is sure to be one of the favorite sentimental presents. 

white book cover with autumn colored leaves and text "Dad's Journal".

For Gaming Dad –     

man in black t-shirt saying "Player 1" holding baby in black shirt saying "player 2".

Pizza Themed  –

adult grey t-shirt with image of pizza with one slice missing next to baby t-shirt with one pizza slice.

Fishing Dad –    

large grey t-shirt says "Reel Cool Dad" next to small grey t-shirt says "Dad's Coolest Catch".

Fan of The Office Dad  –     

large t-shirt next to baby with Regional Manager sign from TV show The Office.

Gift Box

Gift boxes for new dads are cool gifts for expectant dads. These thoughtfully curated boxes are filled with a variety of  gifts for dad that will be appreciated and enjoyed, from practical to sentimental. They can also serve as a way to pamper and spoil every dad during a time that can often be overwhelming and stressful.

The Rad Dad – Subscription box that contains 3-4 items to welcome the new dad to fatherhood and help him bond with baby. You can choose to send one box or a month subscription.

Bump Box for First Time Fathers – filled with essentials that will come in handy for soon-to-be dads and get prepared for their exciting new journey. Includes a book for dad, book for baby, gifts for baby and for dad and more.

open black box filled with colorful items that all say "Daddy".

Daddy and Me Gift Set   – Each box contains 7-8 items to help dad create bonding times once baby arrives.

Candy Gift Box – Create cool gifts for expecting dads by building the perfect gift for your man. Awesome gift ideas to include are:

Fun and Cool Gifts for a New Dad

Becoming a new dad is an exciting and life-changing experience. It’s a time filled with anticipation, joy, and maybe a little bit of apprehension. While there are countless practical items that new dads will need, it’s also important to remember to have some fun and celebrate this new stage of life. Books, games and dad shirts can add a touch of humor and excitement to their new role as a father. Some of the best first Father’s day gift ideas for new dads that are a funny gift sure to make them smile.

Dad Jokes for a New Dad – Get ready now to embarrass your child in the future. Awesome gifts for expecting dads.

yellow book cover with large hand and baby hand fist bumping.

400 Conversation Cards for New Parents –  Cards for new dad or dad-to-be to encourage connections and conversations about parenting and to plan for your new child. 

orange and brown box with white box holding game cards.

New Parent Coin Flip for Decision Making –  bit of added fun to any funny Father’s Day gift basket.

2 silver coins, one says "Mummy's Turn" and one says "Daddy's Turn"

New Dad, Same Bad Jokes – 365 jokes for new papa who’s got no idea what’s coming. 

book cover with man opening shirt and displaying text "New Dad"

The best Father’s Day is a special occasion that provides an opportunity to celebrate the important role that dads play in our lives. For expecting fathers, it can be an especially meaningful day as they anticipate the arrival of their little one. Choosing the perfect Fathers Day gifts for expecting dads can be a challenge, but with so many thoughtful and unique gifts available, there’s sure to be something that he’ll love. From sentimental keepsakes to practical gear, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for the expectant father in your life. By taking the time to choose a thoughtful and meaningful gift, you can make this Fathers Day one that he’ll never forget.

smiling man leaning his head on smiling woman's pregnant belly.
father kissing pregnant woman's pregnant stomach with text overlay.
young man holding infant on shoulder.

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