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You’ve found the perfect birthday gift for your loved one. Now comes the fun part – wrapping it up in a creative way that will impress and delight them even before they open it! These 100+ gift wrapping ideas for birthdays will help you find the perfect way to wrap your present.

Throw out the old same old wrapping ideas and replace them with these unique gift packaging ideas that will make your gift stand out in the pile of presents.

Colorful gift boxes and confetti on a blue background.

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🎂Gift Wrapping Ideas for Birthday 

Gift wrapping can be an art form that allows you to showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness that will captivate the recipient’s curiosity and make their birthday present feel truly extravagant.

From quirky themes to elegant designs to DIY gift wrap, these genius suggestions to help you turn an ordinary gift into a work of art. Surprise your loved ones with beautifully wrapped presents that will leave them in awe.

Not only will it show that you put extra thought into their present, but it will also make unwrapping an experience in itself. 

🎁Wrapping Paper

Conventional wrapping paper is convenient and widely available.

But they can also contribute to unnecessary waste. Each year, billions of tons of wrapping paper end up in landfills after just one use. By opting for alternative gift-wrapping methods, we can reduce our ecological footprint and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Using unconventional materials allows us to get creative and repurpose items that might otherwise be thrown away. Reimagining how we present gifts can add an element of surprise and eco-consciousness to any occasion.

Creative wrapping papers include:

  • Newspapers – choose their favorite section, for example the sports, entertainment or fashion section
  • Cartoon pages or comic book pages
  • Maps – you can even print map images out onto computer paper to use
  • Kraft paper (which is simple brown paper like the type used in making paper bags)

  • Butcher paper or parchment paper
  • Tissue paper – You can use multiple different colors to create a modern design
  • Colored paper and decorative craft paper
  • White paper, like computer paper, decorated with images or words
  • Children’s artwork

  • Your art and doodle work
  • Celebrity magazine
  • Calendar pages
  • Use black paper and a white, silver or gold marker to make birthday presents even more special and fancy
  • Old sheet music adds a whimsical and creative touch
row of colorful paper gift bags.

🛍️Gift Bags

Gift bags are usually simple, easy and quick solutions to gift wrapping.

Use wrapping paper to create a gift bag. 

Place your gift inside a new handbag or purse also tied with a decorative ribbon. This not only provides a nice gift giving presentation, but a second gift as well. 

Use a sand bucket or themed bin to contain a themed present.

For an eco-conscience gift recipient place the gift in a re-useable cloth shopping bag tied with a decorative ribbon.

Alternatives to gift bags:

  • Balloon – you can insert a smaller gift into a balloon and then blow it up or cut the top off of a mylar balloon to create a gift tote.
  • Tote bag – look for colors or themes that coordinate with the gift or the recipient’s interests
  • Mason jar – use tissue paper inside the jar or stickers on the exterior to hide what’s inside

  • Decorative basket
  • Fabric pouch – you can find love drawstring bags that make seasonal and special gift presentation
  • Paper envelope – use items you may already have to create personalized wrapping
  • Decorative tin
  • Wooden crate
  • Decorative tray
  • Flower pot or planter
  • Coffee mug or tumbler

🎒Fabric Gift Bags

Fabric gift bags are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons.

They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper gift wrapping. By using fabric bags, we can significantly reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. Plus, these bags are reusable! Unlike paper that gets torn and discarded after one use, fabric totes can be used over and over again for different occasions, saving us time and money in the long run. 

Fabric bags for presents are durable. Made from sturdy materials like cotton or linen, these bags are designed to withstand the wear and tear of multiple uses. No more worrying about accidentally ripping the wrapping paper while trying to hide your gifts or when curious little hands start exploring the present. 

These bags offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization. They come in various sizes, colors, patterns, and designs- allowing you to match them perfectly with any occasion or recipient’s taste. And there are many simple tutorials that require almost no crafting or sewing skills.

Make your own fabric gift bags with these simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make a reusable and personalized gift sack. (the images below will take you to tutorials for each different bag styles)

A burlap bag tied with lovely ribbon or fabric creates a seasonally themed gift tote.

Upcycle a t-shirt to make a one-of-a-kind gift bag.  Cut out the bottom of an old t-shirt, sew or glue the bottom edge shut, and tie the top with a ribbon. Use a tie-dyed t-shirt for a creative DIY bag.

Combine various fabric scraps to create a colorful and eclectic patchwork gift sack. This is a great way to use up leftover fabric from other projects.

Use old denim jeans to create sturdy and unique gift sac. Add embellishments like patches, embroidery, or fabric paint for a personalized touch.

Embellish a simple canvas bag with lace, ribbon to the fabric for an elegant or personalized touch.

Craft cute animal-shaped bags out of felt fabric. Add details like eyes, ears, and noses to bring them to life. These two tutorials provide free patterns you can use.

blue felt gift bag with racoon image next to toy figures.

Create a gradient effect by dip-dyeing or ombre-dyeing a simple canvas bag. This adds a modern and stylish look to the bag.

📦Gift Boxes

Gift boxes can be a nice alternative to birthday wrapping. Most are made of cardboard and require nothing more then a simple bow to be complete, but these creative ways to wrap birthday presents are fu and can easy to pull off.

Use a plain white or brown box as the base. From there, you can decorate it with photographs of special moments shared with the recipient, handwritten notes, favorite quotes or song lyrics or stickers. 

Make or purchase an exploding box, which is a box that “explodes” open to reveal multiple layers of surprises, photos, and messages.

exploding gift box in black with colorful photos.
yellow gift box with purple present image and exploding yellow confetti and dollar bills.
vintage style painted shadow box with travel labels and dried flower.

Convert a shadow box into a photo gift box by filling it with small, meaningful items and a heartfelt note.

Hollow out a book to create a secret compartment for a special gift or use a book-shaped box for a literary-themed present.

Fold origami paper into a box shape to create a beautiful and intricate box for your present.

Use a decorative globe as a unique gift box for travel-themed presents or small travel accessories. Carefully separate the globe in half at the seam and place the gift inside.

brightly colored world globe.
tan and muted colored globe.

Use a small vintage suitcase as a quirky and charming gift box for travel-themed or retro presents.

For a cooking gift, a creative box alternative is a Tupperware item. These come in all different sizes and colors and shapes and look great with a decorative ribbon tied around them. An alternative to the might be a mixing bowl with a lid or a nice pot.

Jewelry boxes, tea cans, glass jars, hand painted ceramic boxes or personally decorated wooden craft boxes make nice gift boxes as well.

🎀Creative Gift Wrapping

After putting thought and effort into finding the perfect gift for a holiday or special occasion, traditional wrapping paper may seem slightly unoriginal. For givers who wish to add extra flair to their gifts , consider wrapping the present in an unusual manner. Whether you get creative with your wrapping paper or use an interesting container to hold the gift, recipients are sure to appreciate the extra effort.

🎈Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Use a scarf or handkerchief in place of paper wrapping. You can choose a decorative fashion scarf or a heavy winter scarf. This is also a great way to upcycle old lovely scarves you’re not using.

Make a fun themed kitchen gift by wrapping the contents with a new linen dish towel.

For larger or odd shaped gifts us a pillow case.

You don’t have to be crafty to use fabric napkins, tablecloths or table runners to wrap packages to make a birthday gift lovely.

blue and tan geometric design fabric napkins.
cream color lace fabric napkins.
white square napkins with colorful animals and letters.

Fun patterned socks are a unique and creative way to wrap gifts, particularly bottles of perfume or alcohol.

Furoshiki cloth is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be tied in various ways to create beautiful and reusable gift wraps.

box wrapped in pink fabric with white flowers.
gift wrapping fabric with cat image on boardwalk by ocean.
pink fabric square with brightly colored birds.

You can find bandanas in many different colors and designs that work perfectly to wrap a gift.

🪢Surprise Additions

Be creative and tailor embellishments to the recipient’s preferences and interests. These little surprises can make the gift-giving experience even more memorable and enjoyable for both you and the recipient.

You can sprinkle them through out the contents like confetti or attach them to the outside of the package as an embellishment.

  • Washi tape
  • Stickers
  • Stamps
  • Creative gift tags
  • Jump rope

  • Hair ties
  • Men’s tie or bow tie
  • Scented sachet
  • Bracelets

  • Luggage tag
  • Individual treats
    • Candy
    • Herbal tea
    • Specialty coffee pods

  • Natural items
    • Leaves
    • Acorns
    • Pine tree branches
    • Flowers

🥡Unusual Containers

Rather than relying on traditional boxes and bags to wrap your gifts, consider creative vessels in which you can store presents.

  • Cut a two-liter soda bottle or milk jug in half. Insert the gift with tissue paper and ribbons. This tutorial shows you how to seal the bottle.
  • Thrifted flower vase or water pitcher
  • Repurposed plastic containers or bins

  • Musical instrument case
  • Colander
  • Lunchbox
  • Decorative hat box
  • Bird cage

🥳Birthday Gift Wrap Ideas for Kids

Add a festive touch of creativity and excitement to kids’ special day with these fun and unique gift wrapping ideas that will make your child’s eyes sparkle with joy! Use these ideas kids love when your child takes gifts to a special birthday party.

Wrap the gift in a child-sized costume, like a superhero cape or princess dress. It’s a gift within a gift!

Fill a large clear garbage bag with helium balloons and attach the gift to the bottom. When opened, the balloons will float up, revealing the gift.

Cover the gift box with LEGO baseplates and attach some LEGO bricks. It’s a playful presentation for little builders.

Attach animal masks or plush toys to the outside of the gift box. It’s like a mini safari!

Attach DIY paper plate masks of animals related to the gift. For instance, if it’s a book about elephants, include an elephant mask.

Create a treasure map that leads to the hidden gift. You can even add some fun clues for an interactive unwrapping experience.

Use pages from a fairy tale book to wrap the gift. It’s a unique and literary way to present a gift.

Place the gift in a box and surround it with balloons or tissue paper. When the box is opened, colorful confetti bursts out.

Use plain white paper and have the birthday child or their friends decorate it with drawings or messages. Then use this custom paper to wrap the gift.

Create a collage of photos of the birthday child with their friends or family, and use it as gift wrap. It adds a personal touch to the presentation.

Wrap an art themed gift with pages from a coloring book.

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There are countless creative and unique gift wrapping ideas to make birthdays extra special. Remember to consider the recipient’s interests and preferences when selecting your gift wrap design and materials. By putting in a little extra effort into the presentation of your gift, you can make the birthday celebration even more memorable. So go ahead with creative gift wrapping ideas  – it’s a small gesture that can bring a big smile to someone’s face!

overhead view of scissors, brown paper, twine and gift box.
overhead view of rolls of wrapping paper on wood table.

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