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With the holiday season just around the corner, the excitement of counting down to Christmas begins. This list of 70+ advent calendar gift ideas for him will help you celebrate with small surprises that epitomize the spirit of giving. 

red, white and gold wrapped gifts with advent day numbers.

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🎄Advent Calendars for Men

Advent calendars have long been a cherished holiday tradition, a delightful way to anticipate the grandeur of Christmas day. If you’re in search of creative advent calendar gift ideas for the special man in your life, you’ve come to the right place. 

An Advent calendar is a special calendar which marks the period of Advent which is the countdown to Christmas day. The name ‘Advent’ comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’, which means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’. This tradition dates back to the mid-19th century. In the early 1900s, Gerhard Lang is credited with producing the first printed Advent calendar, inspired by his own childhood memories of receiving homemade Advent calendars from his mother. These early versions often featured biblical verses or saintly figures. By the early 20th century, the tradition had evolved to include small treats or toys behind tiny doors or windows — a delightful surprise for children (and adults!) each day leading up to Christmas.

Today, Advent calendars can come in a variety of forms and themes including, but not limited to, chocolates, miniature toys and even alcoholic beverages for adults. They serve the same purpose — a fun and exciting way to count down and anticipate the joy and festivity of December 25th. No matter the style of the Advent calendar, it offers a reflection of the excitement, hope, and faith associated with the holiday season.

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📅DIY Advent Calendars

Are you in the spirit of the season and seeking a more personalized, hands-on approach to the advent season? DIY Advent calendars allow you to create your own advent calendar, you can customize it to fit your décor, personal tastes, and even tailor it with personalized gifts for your loved ones. Let’s explore these delightful DIY Advent calendar tutorials and add an extra sprinkle of love and joy to this festive season.

brown paper packages with numbers hanging from metal grid.

12 Day Advent Calendar – Step-by-step video tutorial to create a mini bottle or hot sauce advent calendar.

Tutorials for 3 Different 24 Day Calendars by Patti J. Good – These are simple tutorials to make unique gift calendars on a budget.

Easy Envelope Advent Calendar from Organized 31- If you’re looking for advent calendars you can make with  items you probably already have at home, this tutorial is for you.

overhead view of Christmas advent envelopes with bright color words.

Star Advent Calendar Tutorial by Little House on the Corner – Make an advent calendar with a modern look for the guy in your life. 

Gift Bag Calendar by The Ginger – A festive and fun way to count down to Christmas, where each day leading up to the holiday, you open a bag filled with a surprise gift or treat.

Advent Calendar Board by Sweet Red Poppy – A customizable and creative project that allows you to design and construct your own countdown to Christmas.

Santa Boxes Tutorial by Hello Wonderful – This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an adorable and interactive advent calendar using small gift boxes shaped like Santa Claus.

DIY Pottery Barn Option by Thrifty Décor Chick – Create a beautiful and elegant countdown to Christmas, reminiscent of the signature Pottery Barn aesthetic.

Paper Tube Advent Calendar for Men from Smashed Peas and Carrots – A charming and eco-friendly DIY project that repurposes paper tubes to create a delightful countdown to Christmas, with each tube housing a small surprise or message for every day leading up to the holiday.

red numbered gift bags hanging from string.

🎁Advent Filler Ideas for Men

Navigating the journey towards the festive season is all the more delightful when each day is marked with a thoughtfully chosen gift. Advent calendars, traditionally filled with sweets, have evolved into much more, focusing on personalized and unique themes. When it comes to selecting advent calendar filler ideas for men, the possibilities are boundless. From ready-made calendars brimming with a variety of epicurean delights, grooming products or hobby-themed items to custom-made ones that reflect his personality, there is no shortage of options. These unique ideas to put in an advent calendar will add a dash of surprise to each day of his holiday countdown, making the season special and highly anticipated.

🎁Advent Calendars to Purchase for Son, Boyfriend or Husband

Choosing the right advent calendar requires a keen understanding of his tastes, hobbies, and interests. Take time to review key considerations to ensure your advent calendar hits the right notes.

Firstly, assess his preferences. If he’s a foodie, gourmet treat calendars with a range of unique chocolates, coffees or craft beers could be perfect. For the literary man, a book-themed advent calendar with bookmarks, mini books or quotes from his favorite authors would be a thoughtful gift.

Secondly, utility matters. Men often appreciate practical gifts. So think everyday items with a fun twist. High-end grooming product calendars, tech gadget or tool-based calendars could be a hit.

Thirdly, consider his hobbies. Is he a fitness enthusiast or a sports fan? A fan of a certain franchise or movie? There are many hobby-themed calendars which can cater to a range of interests, from gaming to photography to sports.

Remember, the best advent calendar for him will reflect his personality and interests. The anticipation of uncovering a tailored present each day can make the holiday season all the more special.

Beer Can Countdown to Christmas – Choose from a 12 or 24 can tree.  Also comes as a Root Beer Float option.

Eight Innovation Electronic Games Advent Calendar
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: EIGHT is a high quality British brand which has now developed a range of electronic model building kits. Each kit comprises all the components needed to create your own version of classic electronic devices and comes with a clear and concise instruction guide.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Behind each window is an electronic component which allows you to build 24 different electronic games. The EIGHT Build Your Own Electronic Games Advent Calendar comes with a complete instruction manual to guide you through the construction process of each game. Easy to assemble, with all components and relevant wiring included.
  • On Christmas day play Whack A Mole, Ping Pong, Code Breaker and a selection of other games with your family and friends, amazing them with your knowledge about the electronics behind each game.
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Coffee Sampler – Handmade selections. You provide a basic guideline of preferred flavors or send an email for help selecting options. Of course, there’s a random selection that’s always popular.

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Star Wars - Multicolor
$59.99 $26.98
  • ‘Tis the season to be Jedi or Sith, should you choose!
  • Each collectible brings a festive twist to their typical look, making these galactic heroes and villains a fine addition to your holiday décor.
  • Pocket Pop! collectibles vary in height depending on character.The maximum figure height is approximately 2.1-inches tall.
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Dad-vent Jerky Calendar – Twenty-Five Tender, Tasty Jerky Bites Hidden Behind Twenty-Five Punny Jokes He Will Love
$89.99 ($7.20 / Ounce)
  • TWENTY-FIVE DAYS OF DAD! Celebrate Dad in his most fluent language: jerky and dad jokes. Twenty-five delicious jerky bites, and punny jokes he will love.
  • From Ghost Pepper to Sarsaparilla to Thai Satay and more, pay tribute to Dad’s humor and his hunger with the Man Crates Exclusive Dad-vent Calendar.
  • We’re proud to have already received thousands of verified, five-star reviews and be featured on the Today Show, NBC, Esquire and The Wall Street Journal. HAPPINESS GUARANTEED.
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Couples Advent Calendar – A romantic and special way for partners to celebrate the holiday season together, with each day offering a unique activity or surprise designed for couples to enjoy and create lasting memories.

EXIT: The Game - Advent Calendar - The Silent Storm | Family Game | Puzzle a Day | Escape Room
  • This advent calendar includes 24 days of unique puzzles that will lead you through a Christmas mystery. Can be played solo or with as many other people as you would like!
  • Solve escape room style puzzles that you will have you rip, discover, write on, and cut components to solve the riddles
  • A storm has hit the north pole and you must look for Santa to figure out how to escape the workshop and save Christmas!
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Creepmas Advent Calendar – 24 spooky gothic handmade gifts.

Mystery Tackle Box 12 Days of Fishmas Advent Calendar
  • OPEN A NEW FISHING ITEM DAILY: Celebrate the holiday season with twelve days of fishing fun: lures, tackle and swag.
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Gourmet Master Hot Sauce Collection Sampler Set, Flavors Include Garlic Herb, Apple Whiskey and More, Hot Sauce Gift Set of 30
$59.90 ($2.85 / Fl Oz)
  • HOT SAUCE VARIETY SAMPLER - Includes thirty uniquely flavored hot sauces in mini glass bottles
  • RANGE OF SPICE - With 30 flavors of varying heat to try different levels on the Scoville scale
  • HOT SAUCE FLAVORS include Smoky Bourbon, Sweet & Spicy, Whiskey Habanero, Cilantro, Cayenne & more

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Die Hard Advent Calendar includes Nakatomi Plaza – Handmade calendar depicting Hans Gruber falling from the building. It’s the perfect gift for the Die Hard fan in on your list.

The Advent Calendar for Couch Potatoes
  • With the Advent Calendar for Couch Potatoes you can instead burn those calories BEFORE Christmas. That way you can indulge yourself during the holidays and still feel good about yourself afterwards. It’s a win-win-win situation!
  • This calendar works exactly like a classic advent calendar – almost. Instead of finding candy inside each window you will find three different physical activities, and you must select one of them to complete during that day.
  • To fit a busy December schedule there will always be a choice between quick workout exercises and longer activities. The different choices are also designed to fit most people, regardless of your age and level of overall fitness. And best of all, the calendar can either be completed alone or together with a partner, a friend, or even your entire family. 
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Exotic Meat Gift Selection –  Celebrate with an adventurous selection of flavors and meats, including camel, venison, buffalo, elk, kangaroo, caribou, alligator and more. 

Cocktails, Global Cocktail Mixer Set, Vegan and Vegetarian, Flavors Margarita, Moscow Mule and More, Set of 12
$29.99 ($1.09 / Fl Oz)
  • TRAVEL THE GLOBE with this set of 12 flavorful cocktail mixers inspired from places around the world. Pre-measured so you can enjoy your favorite cocktails at home.
  • COCKTAIL MIXER flavors include Appletini, Peach Bellini, Mai Thai, Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, and more. Does not contain alcohol. Shake one bottle of drink mixer with alcohol and ice, pour into a cocktail glass and garnish.

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Advent Calendar for Alcohol & Adults | Gift Booze & Wine for Christmas 2023
  • ALCOHOL NOT INCLUDED. Customized & Curated Gifting Options: It’s simple, yet fillable design allows you to easily customize the unique surprises. A true DIY (Do It Yourself) version that makes it easy to ditch the chocolate for Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Jack Daniels, Vodka, Gin, Red & White Wine, Rose & Champagne. The empty drawers are large enough to hold the boozy nips & mini wine, but it's also easy to build your own variety of items - makeup & beauty, socks, candles, hot sauce, mixers, drinking accessories.
  • Fun, Nostalgic Christmas Theme: This personalized yuletide gift doubles as an envied Christmas décor addition. Family and friends will be excited to put its cool, vintage, farmhouse theme in their Christmas decoration rotation for their home.
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Fishing Tackle Advent Calendar – For beginner and experienced fishermen. Has 23 compartments that contain all sorts of high quality fishing gear.  Perfect for bass, trout, panfish and much, including salt water.

Keurig Advent Calendar Variety Pack, Single Serve K-Cup Pods, 24 Count
$39.52 $13.98 ($0.58 / Count)
  • VARIETY PACK: 24 Keurig K-Cup pods Coffee, Artificially Flavored Coffee, Cocoa Mix, Latte Beverage Mix
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Committed to 100 percent responsibly sourced coffee
  • COMPATIBILITY: Contains genuine Keurig K-Cup pods, engineered for guaranteed quality and compatibility with all Keurig K-Cup pod coffee makers
  • RECYCLABLE K-CUP PODS: Simple. Delicious. And now Recyclable. Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love, and when you’re done just peel, empty, and recycle. Check locally, not recycled in all communities. Packaging may vary.
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Fly Fishing Advent Calendar – Gift of set of high quality handmade must-have fishing flies every true fly fisher wants. These fresh water flies work well all over North America and Europe.

The Office TV Show 12 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar Set
  • The Office 12 Days of Socks Advent Calendar Gift Set
  • 12 Pairs Total, Mens Shoe Size Range: 6-12, Sock Size 10-13
  • Officially Licensed
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Gingerbread 24 tastes of Christmas – Each drawer is filled with four pieces of candy to surprise and delight.

Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas Puzzles for Kids and Adults, 2023 Christmas 24 Days Countdown Calendars for Boys Girls,1008 Pieces Christmas Puzzle in 24 Boxes
$24.99 $19.99
  • This 1008 pieces Christmas puzzle for kids and adults depicts the scene that Santa Claus and his workers are busy preparing Christmas gifts in the workshop. Your goal is to finish one section of the puzzle every day between December 1 and December 24. Puzzle finished size: 27.56 x 19.68 inch.
  • 1008 Pieces Puzzles in 24 Boxes - No matter how changeable, the theme of the countdown calendar will not change - it makes the days waiting for Christmas beautiful and colorful. 1008 pieces of Christmas puzzles are packed in 24 boxes, 42 pieces in each box. Perfect for all ages, even kids can finished the puzzle by themselves. An Excellent Advent Calendar!
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Gourmet Filled and Decorated Truffle Cups – A premium dessert-tasting experience.

Jakks Holiday Elf Advent Calendar, Enjoy 24 Days of Fun Collectible Surprise Figures
  • Calendar, you can enjoy 24 days of fun collectible surprises from the movie Elf
  • Includes 24 windows to open filled with fun and silly 1-inch figures from the movie!
  • Pop-up diorama pieces add to the fun, kids can display their figures all season long
  • Suggested for Ages 4+
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Mini Wine Bottle Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar – Handmade wood tree that can be personalized to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. 

ChapStick 12 Days Holiday Advent Calendar Lip Balm Gift Set
$26.38 ($14.66 / Ounce)
  • One 12 Days of ChapStick Holiday Advent Calendar Lip Balm Gift Set, Lip Care
  • Lip balm advent calendar features Christmas ChapStick flavors: Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Cocoa, Vanilla Latte, Clover Honey, Vanilla Mint, Cake Batter, Cotton Candy, Passion Fruit, Classic Cherry and Classic Original
  • Limited-edition holiday collections include new packaging and traditional seasonal favorites, perfect for gifting
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Shooter Sized Liquor Advent Calendar Idea – A handmade and exciting way to countdown to Christmas, with a daily selection of small liquor bottles to enjoy and discover a variety of flavors and spirits.

Crazy Hot Sauce Gift Set - Gourmet Challenge Dice Game
  • THIS ULTIMATE HOT SAUCE GAME SET INCLUDES: 12 – .75oz - bottles of the hottest hot sauces, peppers and powders in the world. Each Crazy hot sauce adds an additional ingredient to the recipe to increase the heat level for a total of 12 sauces.
  • HOW TO PLAY: This is pretty much a twisted version of the classic game of dice but with a set of the hottest hot sauces around. Just roll both dice and taste the hot sauce that number corresponds to. Challenge yourself to try all the sauces or play with others until there’s 1 crazy left standing!
  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: These hot sauces are made using the hottest peppers in the world like habanero peppers, ghost peppers, scorpion peppers and Carolina reaper peppers. Made with premium quality ingredients, this is one of the best gourmet hot sauce kits on the market today. Don't believe it? Just check out the reviews!
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Star Wards Advent Calendar – Contains 25+ micro Star Wars Figures from the 90’s. They’re prized vintage figures with most under 1″ tall. Personalize each day with a special message if you want.

Pukka Tea Gift Set, Organic Herbal Tea, Great as Valentine’s Day Gift, 24 Tea Bags
$18.84 ($0.78 / Count)
  • Pukka Tea 2023 Advent Calendar: Perfect as a gift or Tea Sampler Gift for Advent 2023
  • An alternative to chocolate advent calendars for herbal tea lovers, featuring 24 different delicious organic blends.
  • Discover a delicious flavour every day.
  • From calming herbs to help you relax, to refreshing ingredients to awaken your senses, our advent calendar is the perfect way to discover delicious flavours and revel in the essence of our blends.
  • Expertly blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients.
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Snowman K-Cup Advent Present – Handmade wood snowman stand that can be personalized. Selection of Keurig cups are included.

Buffalo Bob's Wild Game Meat Snacks Exotic Variety Assortment Sampler
$30.95 ($2.75 / Ounce)
  • WILD GAME MEAT VARIETY: Enjoy the thrill of 15 distinct wild game jerky sticks in one pack. From alligator to buffalo, elk to venison, each stick offers a unique flavor adventure that will keep you coming back for more. Indulge in the delicious world of wild game with this assortment of jerky sticks.
  • UNIQUE FLAVORS: Unleash your taste buds with the Buffalo Bob's Jerky Pack, offering a flavor for everyone. Indulge in the rich and savory tastes of elk and venison, or venture into unique flavors like alligator BBQ, alligator Cajun, camel, and wild boar BBQ. With this diverse selection, you'll embark on a culinary journey like no other. Experience the thrill of bold flavors with Buffalo Bob's.
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Coffee Sample Pack from Volcanic Coffee – Curated collections by coffee experts consisting of some of the finest coffee anywhere.

Set of 24 Brain Teaser Puzzles Toys Metal Wire Puzzle Plastic Puzzle Advent Calendar 2023
$18.99 $13.88
  • Countdown to Christmas is exciting for kids with a new surprise every day to celebrate the coming of Christmas! The children's Advent Calendars features 24 different metal wire puzzle and plastic puzzles ball with different challenges for each one.

Includes 12 different difficulty metal wire puzzles and 12 pcs plastic unlock interlock puzzle, from easy to difficult, made of quality metal and plastic that is strong and durable.

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12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Gift – A fiery and flavorful treat for spice lovers, featuring a selection of unique and delicious hot sauces to enjoy each day leading up to Christmas.

Ground Coffee, Advent Calendar Gourmet 24 Days Ground Coffee Christmas Gifts
  • GROUND COFFEE ADVENT CALENDAR: Enjoy your Christmas countdown more than ever before with our luxury Ground Coffee advent calendar gift set, non chocolate advent.
  • LUXURY GIFT IDEA: A 24-Days Premium Gourmet Coffee Ground Beans Of Variety Flavors. Luxury flavored coffee drinks to enjoy every day in the countdown to Christmas Day.
  • BEST GROUND COFFEE SELECTION: Our calendar boasts of the finest ground coffees from around the world with flavors including Colombian, Amaretto coffee, Irish cream flavor, French vanilla flavor, Italian, Mocha, Hazelnut flavor and Dark roasted ground coffee

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Tea Sampler – Create a fun advent calendar when you choose from these 18 different exclusive tea options.

Crafting an advent calendar for him can be a delightful journey into personalized gift-giving. The key lies in intricately knowing his preferences, hobbies, and interests. Coming up with an advent calendar for him not only bestows a gift each day but also underlines the thought, effort, and love that you put into understanding him. Let the countdown to Christmas turn him into a kid again, each day filled with delight, surprise, and anticipation, and make the holiday season unforgettable.

read advent calendar with small santa hat on one open drawer.
hand holding number 24 Advent calendar box shaped like house.

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